1 Power 5 win

Dana has one Power 5 win while at UH,

Fire him Sunday before church


Scary to think that if we lose to Sam Houston there’s a good chance we go 1-11 this year


He ain’t getting fired. Renu and Tillman would have too much egg on their face….and we don’t have the money.


I was just looking at our schedule and thinking the same thing. If we can’t push Rice around what chance do we have against the big 12 schedule? I thought wvu was a win but after getting punked by Rice the Sam Houston game worries me.


I’ve posted this stat multiple times. Add on Cincy, BYU and UCF and the number gets even worse. There is ZERO chance he takes us where we all want to go in the Big 12.


We’ll beat Sam because we can get away with the run run run dink dunk offense for 20 pts. After that it will be ugly. The OL and defense can’t be fixed in season so don’t see it getting better.

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So… Teams with pulses give us fits.

Genuine question, do we really not have the money? I mean I’ll pitch in right now if it means he’s gone

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Nah, we go 3-9 with some blowouts he is getting canned. Unless our leadership wants to see 20K in the stands as a “P5” team. Now THAT is egg on the face - not pivoting when you have been pimp slapped in the face over and over that you need to move on and cut your losses.


We have the money… stop it with the nonsense


Yeah, so basically if the team exists, there’s a chance they’ll beat us


UT put 37 on Rice and 34 on Bama. Give them some credit for having a decent D, maybe really good for a G5. But we just were not prepared mentally for this game and I admit that is on the coach.


I hope we beat Sam. Have you looked at how they’ve faired so far? 14-0 L to Byu and a 13-3 L to Air Force. Not being blown out for a team that’s making the leap from fcs to fbs.

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Can you make it from his bar to church in time?

I don’t think they are a bad team or some cupcake. Just that we can win a low scoring game against an offense that isn’t high powered.

I really don’t see more than 4 wins on the schedule. That should be enough to make a change.


So you are saying we are guaranteed at least two wins this season!

Did I say guaranteed? If so, I’d like to walk that back lol

Fear not the Belk D will give SHSU the offensive confidence they have been lacking so far this year


It’s all good. Not holding your feet to the fire. I hope we turn this season around. But it’s not looking good so far. Go Coogs.

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