10/30/17 CMA Press Conference

Regarding his comments about Car, he seems to still question his ability. I wonder if he has had trouble holding on to the ball in practice. He runs better than Catalon for sure, yet he is #3.

Ball security makes sense to keep in at 3 despite his running ability, but blocking seems…not good. Also, Catalon admitted to the coach that he was not trying hard…

I am curious to know what he has sat on the bench most of the year given how strong a runner he is.

Can any one add any insight to the Car situation?

He’s talking about more than ball security. What does he do without the ball? There are a number of plays where he often doesn’t know which side of the QB to line up on. Usually those are the pass plays. I saw it last year when Ward was QB and I saw it last week with King.

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Right, it’s probably the whole package, not questioning his running ability.

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Thought his run blocking for King was more committed and explosive vs Catalon. We’ve really missed Farrow in that role over the last 1.5 seasons.


TV complimented Car for blowing people up during some of King’s runs.

I hope that both Car and the coaches are doing everything possible to address whatever his issues are when he does not have the ball. Pretty clear that when he does have the ball, he knows what to do with it.


Duke doesn’t have good vision and his acceleration is questionable to say the least. If blocking is the issue…and I’m basing that solely on what you guys have said, I would think his weakness in pass pro is somewhat mitigated by our scheme and short passing game.

Duke can play in obvious passing downs, but if he gets the majority of the snaps - I won’t be too thrilled. But again, I’m a Car supporter based on his upside and it doesn’t hurt that he wears #34!!

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