10 Changes DeSantis is Making To Disneyworld

10 Changes DeSantis Has Ordered For Disney World

Florida legislature has revoked Disney’s self-governing status which means that some bold new changes are on the way. Disneyland in California will remain a popular site for human trafficking but the Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is going to experience a dramatic overhaul.

Take a look at these exciting changes on the way:

1) The Hall of Presidents will just have 46 animatronic Donald Trumps: They are the greatest robots, maybe ever. Everyone says so.

2) Chip and Dale will now reside in separate trees: We can’t let our children be corrupted by cartoon characters having too close of a relationship.

3) Avatar land will be turned into an IP someone actually cares about like Krull: Wield a sentient weapon and save the world!

4) Only the original Star Wars trilogy may be spoken of: The prequel trilogy is too perfect to corrupt with human speech.

5) The only country featured in Epcot will be AMERICA: America is like a highlight reel of all the best countries anyway.

6) All Disney princesses to be replaced with Melania Trump: Finally, real diversity!

7) Weird Disney adults who come without kids will be banned: Yessss!!!

8) Human trafficking is strongly discouraged: And no more kids on leashes, you weirdos!

9) It’s A Small World attraction to be dismantled by tactical nuke: The area will be sealed off for thirty years.

10) Johnny Depp’s character will no longer wear eye shadow on the Pirates ride: Will also incorporate ex-wife Amber Heard in a redesigned auction scene.

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Boomer humor post

Totally down with this one.

Written by millennials

As a diehard Disney fan, I’m ok with this list. Get rid of alcohol at Magic Kingdom too.

I’m gunna ROTFLing if this turns out to be true…



If you think what Disney has done about the Florida statute is out of bounds just wait until the new Disney movies and cartoons come out.

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And lemme tell ya, I looove having to screen every Frozen movie before my daughter watches it :roll_eyes:

What does that mean?

He is DESTROYING his Presidential hopes.

His base will love him but your base doesn’t elect you, moderates do, yet he continues to push all of his chips in the middle.

Moderates are paying attention.


Can you tell us exactly what Disney did to warrant such retribution from the governor of Florida? Did they kill people? Pollute the environment? Not pay taxes? This is dangerous waters Florida is threading. Punishing corporations that choose to go counter to elected official’s ideology. Slippery slope.


He’s just trying to get re-elected like Abbott.

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Say UHLaw and any other lawyers on the board…

Could Disney make a 1st Amendment violation case against Florida? As a corporation they should be protected from government restrictions on their right to free speech. Seems to me this punitive action is literally in response to them simply exercising their rights. Is that not a violation of their right to free speech?

Not a lawyer so I am asking for opinions from those that are…

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Yea. In some circumstances, one can bring a claim for damages for retaliation under the First Amendment (and 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983).

But you can’t bring that action against the state or a state entity (at least you can’t bring that action for damages).

You can bring an action against the state for injunctive or declaratory relief in some instances.

In the end, however, the state has the legal right to do what it did despite its motivations, so you’re probably out of luck on the injunction/declaration.

I doubt Florida has laws permitting itself to be sued under these circumstances, either.

I read an article yesterday that pointed out that the surrounding Florida communities will have to absorb the functions now provided by Disney … and the debt (apparently over a billion dollars). The state has provided no supplemental funds to covers the local entities’ costs, according to the article–unfunded mandates, well known to Texans.

Orange County would see financial burden if Reedy Creek dissolves, tax collector says (clickorlando.com)

Disney Florida: State wants to take away firm’s special status over its criticism of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill | Fortune

What happens if Disney loses its self-rule powers in Florida - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

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And you can bet your house and life savings that the folks who passed and signed this bill will then scream about another poorly managed area by a democratic mayor when they were the ones who f’ed them by their petty BS. And then you can bet your retirement that it’ll work on the rubes.

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I’m not Republican or Democrat because I don’t like either but I do have a BIG problem with a state defending one ideology beyond the scope of their elected officials.

Yes, if a Republican is in charge they can pass Republican sided policies which is fine because THEY won the election but when they start doing things like suing OTHER states because YOUR side didn’t win or punishing PRIVATE CORPORATIONS for their views/policies which are 100% legal you are stepping outside of party affiliations and are treading into a territory where you are colluding AGAINST the Democratic process and I have a problem with that.


So small grammar police note: it’s the little d democratic process. Now we move on

I agree and I don’t see how people don’t recognize that using the powers of the State to punish critics of the state…is straight out of the bad guys playbook. Like the real bad guys the ones we give aid to to fight, had a Cold War about, and fought at least one World War about.

I think the issue was Disney saying they would work to change the law. So a company that receives favorable treatment from the state guvmint announces they will work to actively change the law the state recently approved, didn’t expect blowback?

" Many Americans might be surprised to learn that Disney’s war against DeSantis’ anti-groomer law exists within a context of a long history of questionable conduct on the part of the company. Few these days remember that “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer wrote a bombshell investigative exposé in 1999 on Walt Disney World called “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed.”

The explosive book caught the eye of Brian Ross, ABC’s top investigative reporter. He landed an exclusive contract with the publisher of the book and quickly began working with Schweizer on a piece for the news show 20/20.

Schweizer’s book alleged very serious safety and hiring problems at Florida’s Walt Disney World, and also centered on mass corruption, greed, and children at risk.

The 20/20 piece focused on the book’s claim that Walt Disney World neglected to perform proper security checks that would have prevented the hiring of sex offenders, as well as allegations that the park had a serious “peeping Tom” problem.

And as you’d expect from Schweizer’s work, the book included copies of police reports from alleged pedophiles who were working at the park.

David Westin was the president of ABC News and when he got wind of the Disney exposé, he quickly killed the project.

Many speculated he axed the piece because Walt Disney Co. owned ABC. However, ABC spokeswoman Eileen Murphy denied those claims, and said the story just “didn’t work,” and it had nothing to do with Disney.

Nobody believed that excuse.

Network staffers claim when Westin read the bombshell script for the 20/20 segment he blew up and asked everyone involved with the project if they were “crazy.” He couldn’t believe they’d think of airing a hit piece like that about their parent company, Disney.

Author Peter Schweizer, desperate to save the story, went back and watered down the script and resubmitted it, but Westin still refused to air the segment.

In its place, 20/20 ran a story about dogs on Prozac"


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Sounds like state sponsored “cancel culture” a good old fashioned, “Conform or face our wrath” Bootlicker approved.

As said using the powers state to punish an entity for excercising it’s rights to be critical of a law passed. Is something done by authoritarians, classic fascists, and Communist states. Like directly from the playbook, but I guess if it’s coming to America white, waving the flag, carrying the cross, and brandishing an AR, and claiming to protect children I guess it’s ok for some folks.


Schweizer is/was a member of the Hoover Institute. It’s a hit piece. Not sure why, but it is.

And companies pump money into political campaigns/lobbying, etc. all the time. Tons of cash.

So now Disney’s bad for advocating? BTW, Disney gave nearly $5 million to pols in the last election cycle, most to republics.

Disney pledges to stop Florida campaign donations over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill - POLITICO

It gave a Desantis PAC over $100K in the last few years.

Ron DeSantis Took $100,000 From Disney Before ‘Don’t Say Gay’ War (newsweek.com)

Business as usual for corporate America and the corrupted pols running it.