$10 parking

Why should anyone care what smu charges !!

I assume they all use Uber !!

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Scott street, Metro rail, donating for a pass, carpooling with others to split the cost, etc. Many ways around if you are going to multiple games. Never had a bad experience going on Metro rail.

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I was tired, I meant to say a lot better, though thought the word for it was sub par.

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Wonder who sets the price for cash parking, athletics or the dept in charge of the parking ?

When Tiger hits below par people give him billions of dollars and put him on tv, but when I ten putt a par three they tell me not to quit my day job. What if this is my day job, Ricky?! How about you don’t quit your mom’s basement?!?

I think $10 for parking in the cash lot is fair. If it goes toward paying for the security that I saw yesterday, then it it well worth the cost.

I do, too. It’s also a much faster/easier exit.

No body nickles and dimes a great college program better than this board. No wonder our attendance to everything is poor. The cost of parking, other schools pay the same, other schools pay more, other schools pay less. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too early, it’s too late, it’s a week night, it’s the weekend, it’s Christmas time, it’s Chanukah, it’s Ramadan. Good Lord, just enjoy it.


You forgot Kwanza … lol

I agree with you wholeheartedly about our fan base. We think up every excuse in the book for why we are not big time, when to see the real issue all we need to do is look in the mirror.

Support the program! No excuses!


My apologies to all Kwanza followers!
Go Coogs. Enjoy the show!


Lol, but there’s 2 more, One is actually really in the spirit. Three kings day. Other is the winter solstice, which is really nothing. The sun won’t come out, if the money is going to the athletic department. I don’t mind peaking into the financial records. I will be right back with my analysis.

Give to cougar pride and get free parking for football and basketball. Now stop crying.


Hubcap guy doesn’t complain about the parking cost…just sayin.


Neither does Purple Jacket Guy!

Pearland - Can you get a basketball parking pass without buying season tickets?

Negative. Has me thinking about buying a single season ticket next year just for the parking and then I’ll buy my single game / mini-plan as needed.

Unless it changed this year, you don’t get a parking pass just for buying a season ticket. It comes from a minimum donation with season tickets.

Wait, what? People are complaining about $10 parking for our new $60 million arena? That is stunning, really. Embarrassing really.


I agree. It’s embarrassing. I’ve spent as much as $20 to park for an Astros game.

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Didnt some of us buy $50 parking for the UH vs OU game?