11 in AP this week

Hanging in for the time being.

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I noticed our record was 11-3…. This can be reversed if the conference changes rules on Covid issues , correct?

I believe they changed it this morning according to Coach Sam.

Yep, just saw that in another thread…. So back to 11-2. :+1:


Marcus Fuller moved us from #15 to unranked on his ballot……pretty crappy on his part.

The team has not played since Sasser and Mark were announced to be out for the season. Atleast give them a chance to prove they do not belong there anymore.


Exactly. Let them play a game before you completely dismiss. Even Seth Davis left us at #7 on his ballot. Must admit he’s earned some respect but then again the bar was set very low over the past couple of seasons


Here’s the AAC policy. We can reschedule with Cincinnati, otherwise it’s a no-contest and no loss.

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Took them long enough! We could very well still end the season top 20! It’s going to be a tough one but we still have a lot of talented players, scoring is going to be an issue.

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Where do you find the individual ballots for the rankings?

collegepolltracker.com I believe

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve become a bit of a Seth Davis fan the last two weeks…he’s had some pretty nice things to say about the Coogs the last few weeks.

Maybe he saw the three losses and dinged us. He probably didn’t spend much time thinking about our ranking.

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I’m not sweating the ranking. It does help with recruiting though.

UH holds steady at #12.


I think we can safely say we are respected as a program


Four (future) Big 12 in the Top 12.


The future Big 12 will be the best basketball conference in the nation. I think the current Big 12 is already.


For those that want a more detailed analysis of the ballots.

#17 CBS

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