#11 UH vs. Wichita State, 1/6 @ 7PM CST, ESPN+ (W 70-63)


ESPN+ is no good. Lost out to the following games at the same time:

ESPN2: Baylor-OU (8p start) after Arkansas-Tennessee (6p start)
ESPNU: A&M-South Carolina (8p start)
ESPN: Celtics vs. Heat (645p start)

Really? A&M vs. South Carolina gets the U over UH vs. Wichita St?

Good grief. We not espn+ material. What a joke. Smh

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Just based on ESPN’s listing of the Coogs’ remaining schedule, there are six dates with no television listed. Be happy you have ESPN+ and not a blank next to Wednesday’s game.


We’ve had a good run against some good Shocker teams since they joined AAC. I think we’ve at least split them every year. The conference semi victory a few years ago was awesome, as was our last meeting at Fertitta we blew them out. Hope that continues.

They won the first game we played them in the AAC (@ their place) and they have not won since I believe.

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The Coogs opened as -10 favorites. Immediately jumped to -10.5.

edit: The line has jumped up to -12. Apparently the money thinks we have a decent offense. :slight_smile:

WSU has played pretty well recently. That line looks too big.


The line is really surprising to me. I think Wichita has a better team than Tulsa.

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If both sides of the ball are clicking, we can beat almost anyone by at least 15. I think the money likes the positional matchups.

Lets hope not. We lost to Tulsa.

its more about matchup than who is better…wichita is better than tulsa, wichita already beat tulsa @tulsa…

but matchup wise… tulsa clogs the post and give you open 3s, and wichita is straight man to man …weve shown we can beat man to man teams … wichita system is a less talented version of us but with more shooters

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I’m impressed with your ability to analyze matchups. It’s all I can do to watch the game and hope for the best.



something interesting for me this game will be the rebounding…something thats interesting and odd, is we have killed every good rebounding team we’ve played this year on the boards (smu and texas tech)…but looked very bad rebounding verus bad rebounding team (tulsa & ucf)

i have theory that good rebounding team just come in expecting their rebounding to hold some sort of fight without much change…and bad rebounding team sellout on preparing for the rebounding thinking thatll be the key to the game…we on paper should kill Wichita on the boards today, but that hasnt fallen to trend this year

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Wichita State has been very familiar with the formula to Houston’s success since joining the American Athletic Conference. No other team has been able to consistently handle the Shockers quite like the Cougars, who have won their last five games against WSU with an average margin of 14 points, including the program’s worst defeat since 2003 in last season’s 33-point thrashing in Houston.

“They’ve owned us the last couple of years,” Brown said. “So this game is going to come down to toughness and competing at a high level. It’s not going to come down to making or missing shots. They’re going to miss some, we’re going to miss some. It’s going to come down to competing, toughness and rebounding.”

Just give it to Sasser!!! :sunglasses:

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