$110K Truckers

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10-4 good buddy!

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It’s a tough job so good for truckers. Driving is a lot of work and they have to worry about girlfriends and wives being happy while their gone.

Very tough job so I’m for it


I would not want to drive long haul for a living. That would be one of my levels of purgatory.

Could be fun, if you were a tandem with your spouse. Maybe.

Tough gig, not one I’d recommend to anyone with a home life or family. But young and single, I’d say go for it and go for as long as you can dump as much as possible into Vanguard ETF, Roth IRAs and high divedend stocks, take a decade or so off from there.

And people wonder why they are developing self driving cars.

what they don’t tell you is its 6 days a week and 60-70hrs on the clock

They also don’t tell you that you’re probably 1099 and have to pay fuel and maintenance out of that $110

those are company drivers, hours are crap but wallyworld takes care of its drivers at least.