12/13 Busting Brackets- AAC Hoop Power Rankings

UH Page

Thanks for giving us the option to read about the conference or just say, “man, f&$@ eveybody else. What they say about UH?”


From the article: “While they’re sitting at 6-2 with a loss to nationally ranked Oregon and a buzzer-beater to BYU, Houston hasn’t exactly been convincing in the games they should be winning no problem.”

If you’re going to hold BYU against us fine. But do not give us this “doesn’t win convincingly enough” junk. We do that every season even when we’re really good. CKS messes with the lineups all the time to make some of these games closer than they actually are because you learn nothing winning by 30.


Agree with all you said, but they have to come up with their rankings based on something I guess. Good thing it doesn’t mean anything

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Lol I guess they haven’t watched all the upsets this year.

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And then there was Rice.