12-2 This year means AAC Champs

It will be hard to replicate last year’s 11 game run. We had 5 very close wins.
But if we can do it again, then we are conference champs.
We arguably have a better receiving corp. Oline may get better. Last year they were middling as well.
D lost a lot in the secondary. And now Parrish.
Not realistic to win 8 straight, but not impossible.
I will bet most Vegas ofdsmakes have us as slight favorites in most games and slight dogs in the others.
HAVE TO clean up the penalties. Rewatching the games shows you how much the cost us.


I wouldn’t count on it


I think we know where we we are after Friday.


We say that every game

We said the same thing for every game last year too lol

Well where we are is 3-2 or 2-3 after five games.

We know.

We didn’t know where the coogs were all season last season considering how many close games we had

Close games seem to just be a side effect of Dana’s style of coaching… If you play TOP football but don’t have a lockdown D… Every game will be close.

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If we lose we know its going to be a long season. If we win…

Have you watched any of our games this year?

The season starts Friday. Everything is still on the table, even 12-2. Our two losses are 7-1 records, with only loss a road loss to #16.

I’m perfectly fine with TOP, and winning by close margins. Still, we’ve dropped off quite a bit in terms of TOP ranking, compared to last year.

This Year, we’re ranked 81 after 4 games:

Last year, we were in the top 10:

Let’s hope that, if TOP is important to our team identity, we improve significantly over the course of the season.

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Yep. Penalties and dropped passes have been a killer to our TOP. The drops have improved, so…


Friday should tell us a lot about the culture of this team and how they respond to adversity. Right now, the biggest problem I see, other than injuries, is the lack of discipline and all the penalties. Penalties extended our opponent’s drives and stopped our drives.

Penalties have been a deciding factor on too many drives and they have to stop. If they keep it up, some kids should be set down and if they pout and hit the portal, then so be it.


Does anyone keep track of total offensive plays differential? This would seem to better track with wearing down the defenses. TOP is skewed by incomplete passes.