12 Games Left

Not sure the ECU series will be made up so we sit today at 4-12 in conference and 16-23 overall with 12 games to play.

We play 5th, 6th and 8th place in conference over the next 3 weeks. I think best case scenario for this team is winning each series 3-1 to finish at 13-15 in conference and 25-28 overall. Worst Case scenario is a series split with each and finish at 10-18 in conference and 22-29 overall.

Whether the result is the best case or worst case, the bottom line is we must win the conference tournament to get into the postseason.

Either way you look at it, the season did not meet expectations. From a pitching or hitting standpoint the team as a whole did not perform well. But there are a few bright spots on the roster this year.

I have confidence in Coach Whitting turning this around and making the tough decisions in respect to the staff and players for next season. He is the right guy for the job and his historical record and improving the facilities has laid the foundation for the next 10-20 years.

The talent found outside the state in the last 20 plus years has been outstanding and is not a knock on those kids. Just look at this year as an example. But I firmly believe to right the ship, our current administration should build a wall around the greater Houston, TX area and recruit the heck out of it. Park a chair behind the plate at Baseball USA on the weekends… take the Twelve, Banditos or whatever the good programs are coaches out to lunch and start taking large blocks of the Houston area kids from the top programs. You can build a CWS/Omaha level team from this area alone. And you can’t change my mind.

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Time for a Cool Change --ARS . Has had plenty of time to build that wall. For some reason he concentrates quite a bit in the Valley to recruit his players from State of Texas.

Breaking down the Perfect Game website here are some interesting stats on college commitments for the next two classes (2021 and 2022). 2021 commitments include the top ranked 250 players in the state and 133 total commitments for the class of 2022. If you believe these rankings in the next two years UH is performing very well in the state against its peers.

Houston: 12 players (2021) 12 players (2022)
Baylor: 9 players (2021) 5 players (2022)
Rice: 4 players (2021) 5 players (2022)
TCU: 13 players (2021) 8 players (2022)
Texas: 7 players (2021) 7 players (2022)
Aggies: 15 players (2021) 14 players (2022)
Tech: 9 players (2021) 10 players (2022)
Texas State: 14 players (2021) 6 players (2022)

The answer my friends is blowing in the wind…go back 5 years moving forward and look at the recruiting cycles and see where those kids are now.

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The results say otherwise. He isn’t a new coach and after this many years as our headcoach what kind of results to expect from him has already been pretty clear. Not good!

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Trend is going downward the past 3 years. Have not been to a Super Regional since 2014 and have had the talent to get there multiple times. With new facility upgrades would hate to see this Trend continue.

Sofia Vergara hasn’t turned me down yet. I’m saying there’s still a chance.


My guess is next year is Whiting’s make it break year. If DH underperforms this year then 2022 will be his make or break year too.


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2 months too late.

UH RPI as of today is 198 and Rice is 210. 293 total teams have played college baseball this year so that places the two top Houston area teams is the BOTTOM third of all college baseball teams. Has this every happened before?

The 10 Teams Above the Cougars:

Seattle University
Presbyterian College
Sacramento State
Arkansas State
Saint John’s
Saint Joseph’s


But none of those programs are elite programs.


Yeah, none of them are elite programs and yet they are better than us. This makes us suck even worse!

I think there was sarcasm in that post you responded to. Pretty sure but maybe not?

It was a good year to skip the sliver glove series. No trophies for subpar baseball.

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Maybe Whitting is trying to get canned, we are not even competitive in most of these games?


RPI dropped 14 points yesterday. Back at #212

Hard to find anything positive at this point. Even Glasser had a tough day yesterday.

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Much needed win today, walkoff in ninth. 6-5.


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