12 Houstonians on Forbes list of the richest Americans


Richard Kinder, the founder of Kinder Morgan, a pipeline company is the richest Houstonian on the list. He is followed by the four children of the late energy magnate Dan Duncan, Jeffery Hildebrand, Dan Friedkin, Bob McNair, John Arnold, Tilman Fertitta, George Bishop, and Leslie Alexander.

"When you look at where they have people, they’re pretty accurate, said Fertitta, the CEO and owner of Landry’s. “I am very thankful to be on a list like that. I like it. I’m not going to say I don’t like it. I think if anybody ever says they don’t, I don’t think they’re telling you the truth. Anybody in business wants to be on the Forbes 400. It’s the measurement of the game.”

But for Fertitta, and many of the others on the list, it’s not just about making the money - it’s about sharing it too.

“I give back in a lot of different ways and it’s great to give back,” said Fertitta. “Philanthropy is something that’s expected from everybody out there. If you’re not able to give money, you should give of your time. It’s nothing like helping everybody else.”

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