12 Steals

Our Coogs had 12 steals last night!


#encouragethesteal!..sry, I couldn’t resist… :sunglasses:


Did you know we have been ranked in the top 5o in steals all season & are currently #48. I think this years Coogs are better than our previous teams have been in this category!

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That zone defense looked good!

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At 12.07 steals per game, the 2005-06 Cougars led the nation in that category.
Oliver Lafayette led the team with 3.4 steals per game. He is an under appreciative Cougar.


I’m not sure that O-show’s ever been underappreciated.

He got tons of love when he was here, and the board followed him afterward (Celtics, if I remember right).

As I recall, he was giving the BYU guys fits during that post-season game when BYU came here (can’t remember which tournament it was). They couldn’t seem to get the ball past half-court their first 8 or 10 tries.


BTW, Brian Latham came here a year earlier. And he was a very tough defender, as well. Oliver was more of a shooter, and Latham a slasher. But it was tough going when either of those two were on the court.

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Lawbert, I really enjoyed watching Brian Latham play as well. Penders put together some exciting teams.

Oliver was truly under appreciated. One of the best defensive guards we ever had here.
Of course Don Chaney was the best and Jerry Bonney was excellent.
Jarreau has got to rank in there somewhere.
The group we have now, however, may be our best group ever

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Jarreau and Mark both had awesome midcourt steals and breakaway slams this week. This team is really, really good!