15-0 is Sweet, but 16-0?

The game against Temple IMO will be a HUGE test for UH. We have a great team this year, but I’m still not convinced we have what it takes to beat the blue blood schools like NC, Duke, Kansas etc… in the tournament. It is going to be tough to beat a very good Temple team on the road. We all know that UH will not win every game…and I’m nervous about this one. I do think this game will help prepare the team if we do have to face NC or Duke or Kansas in the tournament.



As far as the blue bloods, is important we get a good seeding and favorable road/region bracket to reach the Final Four. Because some of the blue bloods will eventually tripped up.

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The only question I have for this team is if they have enough scoring; do they lack another consistent shooter to go with Armoni & Corey. [Insert: Antoine Davis] But other than that, we’re Gucci.

this is our first real road test of the season (byu and ok state turning out to be not so good)…so im worried as we havent proven as to whether or not we are a good road team yet…

our players feed off the crowd

as far as specifically temple, im not worried …we match up perfectly with them…they are a dreadful rebounding team, which is crazy for how tall they are (they dont box people out)…& they have zero post scorers…they are completely reliant on guards to score …with none of them being great shooters

houston is a dominant rebounding team with elite guard defense

temple is super tall and athletic team but they are undisciplined…if we arent a “bad road team” we should win


Don’t worry everyone, we’ll win this one comfortably. Cincy and UCF are the only ones who can offer us a challenge.

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Rebounding and defense travels well.



We have what it takes…see Michgan last year. This years team is better than that one. Let’s get into the cage fight, before we dismiss it. Bring on Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, or Kansas…


It is barely January and we are closing in on 20 wins. Wow.


We’ve beaten Temple decisively in Philly the last 2 years! Those were much better teams than the Temple team we’ll face on Wednesday. If we lose, it will be because we didn’t play well. If we play a decent game, we’ll kick their ass by 10 to 15 pts!

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Don’t know about that. Hasn’t Temple beat some pretty good teams this year ?

They’ve won all their home games

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We’re a pretty damn good team my friend. Temple plays with a lot of energy and passion however, they tend to loose focus and will make careless errors both offensively and defensively. I think we’ll be ready for whatever they bring to the table.

Road games are always tough. Go Coogs!


Hopefully we will not be “damned” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Playing on the road is tough and we have only done it twice this year. ESPN ‘s bpi actually has Temple favorites to win on Wednesday.

I looked at a lot of stats on this game. We lead the conference in rebs,Temple is last. Temple leads the league in steals, we are 7th. Ball security will be important! Overall our stats are better! They have a better SOS. Intangibles probably will be big! This is there AAC opener, there crowd will be fired up! This will be a big test!

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