15 active threads in one day

Is a sign that getting along while discussing important issues is possible and can be enlightening if not entertaining. I’ll say again - Nice going :clap:t2: (posters and mods).

I might have to hit the tip jar in gratitude :pray::wink:

Johnny why are you always congratulating people for getting along? Its the same 3-4 people posting on all the politics threads. There’s no discourse, no one can change the other person’s mind. The only thing that happens is we get in a shouting match and there are posters that can’t NOT be the last post or admit they may be wrong. So it rages on and on.

I’ve seen good discussion too. 90% civil, I say.

Even though a couple can’t seem to help themselves, most people do. Plus, I’ve noticed the little bit of flame bait mostly being ignored. That’s certainly an improvement. :worried:

Disagree discourse is the sharing of what you think and believe. Does it change people’s minds, I don’t know if a person mind is changed about something there not going to shout it out to the world. For me I want to understand the other person perspective even if might not agree with it.