15th Annual Senior Showcase

The new Texans bubble is sweet. Great day with close to 450 kids and v 43 schools.

The US Marines signed up as a sponsor. 15 Marines led the players through warm ups. It was pretty cool.

Law of big numbers says 74% will receive an offer

Had a few of our Coog bretheren out there helping out.

Houston Texans Senior Showcase giving chances to unsigned seniors to meet with Division II schools


Ran into Willie Gaston who is the OC at North Shore. He told me that North Shore brought 12 kids to the Showcase and all 12 kids received offers. That is pretty cool. One of those 12 was a finalist for Scholar Athlete of the Year. He was deciding between Midland & Aurora offers


Hope a lot get a chance to play college football and part of the education paid for.

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