16-17 Projected Depth Chart

Anyone of you guys have a projected 2016-17 football Depth chart? It’s for ncaa football 14 video game



Nice, there’s a dude on operation sports making UofH upcoming football roster/Depth chart. Hopefully the full depth chart will be released soon

I check that site often, and that’s the first time I’ve seen the 2-deep completed in it’s entirety. I’m not sure what they are basing it on, but there are a couple surprises on OL (Josh Jones starting RT, Josh Thomas no where to be found). 1 thing I noticed is not a SINGLE senior on the OL 2-deep. That is incredible, and sets up beautifully for next year.

The defense looks stacked. This is a Championship team on paper, no doubt about it.

National championship team or conference championship team on paper?

Do we know their source for this depth chart?


Phil Steele also has his projected starting lineups (with backups listed after) on the 1st page of his season projections:


Haha fair enough :joy:

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