16 Floors Student Apartments Coming Soon

A new 16 story student apartment building which includes a 4 story garage will be built on Elgin where a church and adjacent buildings were demolished.

Haven at Elgin - 12 floors of student housing on top of a 4 floor garage. 651 beds



UH keep getting better.


This student housing will not belong to UH but by a private company. It will definitely enhance the UH surroundings.

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Interesting. That church was built in the 2000s. i guess they got an offer they couldn’t refuse.

I always wished that UH would take all that land between Elgin, Scott and Cullen. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. That would give some expansion room for additional classroom space and dorms.


That church was slowly built in the late 90s, I remember it seemed like they were building it a brick at a time back when I was working at Rother’s Bookstore.


Man…the future students don’t know how bad it once was…I swear the rental agreement at Cougar Place came with a crate of Raid.

Awesome news and it’s basically on campus.
Once done on this , anyone know how many students could be on campus and it close by student housing even if some are privately owned near campus? We have to be approaching 10 k with all total.


Lol. My wife and I were joking last weekend about cougar place…We lived in bayou oaks.

We were just reminiscing about how cheap dorm and on campus apartment life was then.

“That place must have been super cheap and full of roaches.” - cougar place.

It just seemed so dark. We decided that it must have been mainly international students or grad students living there.

Everyone we knew lived in moody, bayou or Cullen oaks.

I lived in the old Cougar Place back in the mid-90s in law school. Those were the days!

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That’s a great spot for housing and since a private company did it then no cost to UH.

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Yeah but what scares me if you don’t fill that building up and they have the power to put whomever they want. That a lot of density but where’s the retail to match?

I’m sure the Haven will not have an issue filling up since it is virtually on campus. If campus dorms are packed, I’m sure parents prefer their kids live as close to campus as possible.

As far as retail, I think these students will go where all the other housing students go to buy goods.

Light rail is just down the block. So there is that.

Also per the Daily cougar, they are building the plaza and other projects to enhance the campus for students and when visitors take tours which is supposed to all be done by 2027 for the 100 yr b-day if UH which is part of the new master plan.

Per the Daily cougar

From 1966 to 1968 I lived in The Cougar Apts. on Calhoun.

They were so wonderful that they were completely demolished years ago.


By 2023, students will have up to an estimated 12,786 beds available to them. Most off-campus housing is less than a 15 minute walk to campus. Auden Houston is a 6 minute drive.

On Campus housing

Name Beds
Cougar Place 800
Cougar Village I 1,163
Cougar Village ll 1,144
Moody Towers 1,100
The Quad 1,189
University Lofts 984
Bayou Oaks 470
Cambridge Oaks 634
Cullen Oaks 879
Total 8,363

Off Campus - designated as student housing

Name Beds
Campus Vue 464
The Vue on MacGregor 347
The Gateway on Cullen 531
Tower 5040 405
The Icon 380
The Lofts at The Icon 380
The Proper 717
Auden Houston 306
Haven at Elgin 651 Open 2023
Scott Residence 242 Open 2023
Total 4,423

Grand Total: 12,786 beds


Great job getting these numbers. Having 12,544 is getting up there and represents over 25% of our students living on or right by campus if at full capacity or close. I knew we had 8k or so on campus but the right off campus numbers are a great addition.

Thanks for the great research on this

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Any word about how these options are doing? Solid construction? Mix of quality, proximity and desirability?

I would imagine that Moody Towers need a gut renovation by this time.

The four walls could likely stand but it is about 50 years old it likely needs a floor by floor renovation out to the studs.

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My recollection was Moody Towers was
scheduled for demolition and not a renovation.
It was posted that that someone in the university went by the 60% rule. If renovation was 60% or
greater the cost new construction, new was desired.

Note - faulty memory and evolving plans may make this info obsolete. I’m referring to postings on here 3-4 years ago.

Edit: Here is quote from 2018 on the towers.

“The towers are next,” Yackley said. “In three to five years, we expect to be looking at taking down and replacing the towers.”

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