17 straight completions

Ward threw 17 straight completions tonight at one point. Ward threw some of the best passes I have seen him throw in his career in tho game.

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Ward looks great this year. His balls are crisp and accurate and he’s a threat. Teams continue to try to let him beat them with his arm and he’s doing it. Have to give credit to the receivers as well as Coach Wyatt has done a good job with them. All 3 of the starters made big plays over and over tonight.

Lot of good stats from this game for those like numbers:

This was before the game:

And during:

Ward passed Jason McKinley to move into 4th all-time. Ward should catch Klinger as he’s only about 900 yards behind. No chance to catch Kolb or Keenum though as he’s about 5K yards behind Kolb and almost 12K yards behind Keenum.

Bryce Beall is the career leader with 39

Most of all I love the fact that he is progressing on all levels. His decision making is night and day from where he was last year. He is seeing the field with a much better understanding. His passing stats are getting better and better. It does not matter on whom he is facing . He is maturing THAT is outstanding. His mechanics are also a lot sounder from just a few months ago. Remember where he came from. He still has a lot of room where he can progress. He already has surpassed my expectations. Some are saying that he could play RB in the NFL. Can you imagine a Rusell Wilson or even Cam Newton (lot less complicated) type offense around Greg? Time will tell but this is now very intriguing.
Stats are there to be broken. They always represent a double edge picture. Andre and David played in the SWC while on probation. Kevin and Case played in a much different system. The common denominator is that they ALL produced to what was presented in front of them. Just imagine if Greg had another year in college to perfect his craft.

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… is it bad that i had to stop and chuckle?


Nope, I’m laughing after you pointed it out.

@92010Coogs He just needs someone to take a chance on him like they did with Wilson. His big issue in the pros will be his size which is why Herman has been trying to get his weight up. Those hits he takes now are just going to be harder up there. Still, would be nice to see him get a shot.

Until a few months ago I would have not thought of it. Maybe a chance as a RB aka: Hillman for the Broncos and now Vikings. He is getting bigger on his upper torso and he is showing he can take the hits. Remember that UConn has of the biggest DL in the entire NCAA. It always come back to the OL. The so called NFL typical QB do not last in the NFL unless they have an outstanding OL. Yes, it is physics but look at Brees. His numbers are outstanding. He has changed his game to be a better “pocket passer” but he still runs when he sees fit. Greg pocket’s presence is progressing at a rapid pace. He is surprising everyone on how he is getting better and better.

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