17 to 19 Seniors

UH athletics has 17 seniors and espn has 19…

I did not realize we have that many…and our 247 ranking?
This has to be CDH entering the transfer portal turbulence zone:


Dana has said over and over that the best players will play based on their effort in practice. If a lot of the seniors didnt play, I guess that tells a lot about their effort. I’m sure Dana is ready to bring in some new blood. That’s a lot of openings to fill.

starting with his successor


Defense and O-Line are pretty much all of our losses. But the defense could return Ceaser, Dot, Haulcey, and Hamilton so a decent core left. Plus guys like Dunn, Hunter, and Garth should step right in for the O-line. We have a chance to upgrade our weak areas and next year’s team has no excuse for not being more talented than this year’s. The offense better be elite with a senior QB returning along with all your RBs and WRs.


Classic… :grinning: :grinning: his lame act is stale and past it’s shelf life

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There are 10 starters of the 17 to 19 seniors and I am happy to see about half of them move on.

I didn’t even realize how crazy the math is. We are losing 18 seniors. Might lose another 15 to the portal. We only took in 8 hs players compared to last year we took 18. And last year we took in 20 transfers along with 18 hs/juco

Between seniors and players transferring out we will probably have about 40 open spots and we only have 8 commits

We legit might have to go get 30+ players in the portal

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Caesar is gone to the NFL… right?

Yeah… Junior… He gone

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That’s why I used “could”. He probably should go pro, but could return to try to boost his stock. I’ve seen anywhere from 4th round to undrafted for him.

He got invited to the Senior Bowl so yeah he gone.


Come on guys, Dana has it under control…besides what’s wrong with 4-8 or 5-7 seasons over and over…remember this ain’t your dads CUSA, This is Big 12 Football !


Lmfao. :joy:

New staff could have a lot spaces to fill, good problem during the portal era.

HORRIBLE way to build a team with any type of prolonged culture.

That’s CDH’s MO…
turn the game into a slop fest and hope to steal a win at the end
…gamble with the transfer portal and hope something works.

Nothing is strategic, methodical, or deliberate about CDH…everything is based on a “hope”

THIS is why I started this thread. Please someone tell me the cavalry is coming.
Hope is not a strategy.

Play Competitive Football Today!
:football: :grinning: :football: :grin: :football: :smiley:!!!

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Why not get our whole team from the portal?



Maybe we should find a good 7 man football league . . . . .

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Dana would say we need five years to recruit faster players.

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