'18-'19 Conference Opponents to be announced Thursday morning


we get usf and ecu twice…the league’s projected worst 2 teams twice

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This is bad. Memphis, UConn, Wichita once, ECU USF twice. Ughhhhh…

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Getting Cincinnati and Wichita twice last year was a big reason why we ended up as a 6 seed.

While it’s not ideal that we have to play ECU and USF twice, the conference’s scheduling philosophy is to have the best teams play each other twice.

The conference must believe that Memphis and Wichita aren’t going to be in the top 4 this year.

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Looks like they believe Cincy, UCONN, SMU and UCF are the top 4 teams based off the pairings.

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its the reverse they dont think we are going to be great…

tulane, usf and ecu are the barometers…the amount of the 3 you get is an indication of how good they think you will be,

cincy only got them once for all 3…

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This is very frustrating. Need Wichita twice for the RPI. Otherwise why are they even in our conference? We earned the right to get the good teams twice. We give the conference valuable NCAA tournament credits and this is the thanks we get?

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At least we get Memphis and Wichita St at home.

Will be a nice home conference schedule for the Fertitta Center with 7 interesting games:

Wichita St


Just means we need to really take care of business in non-conference this year. No more head-scratcher losses like Drexel. Just need to take advantage of the opportunities we’re given and then make hay in the conference tourney.

what a joke.

our non conference isnt as good as last years either…and our sos last year wasnt even good

if we dont have some secret game with some power that we are waiting to announce, our schedule is going to be a point of topic all season n dicsusion of if we deserve a bid

as is our non conference schedule is worse, the league strength overall is worse, and within that we have been given worse pairing within that weakened conference

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No doubt, the conference did us no favors and our OOC schedule has been terrible for a while. But I can’t imagine that a 6 seed tournament team that finished in the top 25 in 2018 would be denied a tourney birth in 2019 if it wins 28 - 30 games, finishes top 2 in conference play and makes noise in the conference tourney, no matter how bad the strength of schedule is.

I just think the margin of error has shrunk this year. If we take care of business, nothing to worry about. Just my opinion though.

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that true, but making the tourney was the dream last year, now its about getting as far as we can… 30 wins and a 10 seed who has to play powerhouse team in round 1 is not what we want…

imo our team next year might be good enough for a 3 or 4 seed, but we don’t have the schedule to get us there (barring an amazing schedule surprise by the staff)

So far, the only OOC game I’m seeing on the schedules I can find is Okie State on 12/8. Is that the only one we currently know about? What tournaments are we playing in and do we know the other teams in those tourneys?

ok state
st louis

these are the known ooc …
the game vs rice is in some round robin tournament that has yet to be announced…almost every major tournament has been announced, 95% of good teams already in known tourneys…the chances of any good teams being in this round robin is very very low…but there is a small chance one of the last 5 good teams available are in that round robin, but that’s unlikley

UCONN’s pairings are similar to us. They have to play ECU and USF twice and only get us, Tulsa and Memphis once.

its not far better but its better…
Wichita is projected better than tusa
away games are valued more than home game…our middle games are at home, their middle games are away…

Love the Jumpman logo w the UH.



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Wichita is turning over virtually their entire roster. Not sure they’re the RPI booster that everyone in this mostly dumb thread thinks they’re going to be.