18 years is a long time to give up based on a lie

You can’t fix stupid.

When is the commander in sedition going to face charges? What about his inner circle of circus side show freaks?

It has been a long time since the Jan 6 hearings.


No, but you can pardon it per Ron Desantis.

DeSantis can’t win a general election. People are sick of the culture wars. Plus the guy really doesn’t have much charisma. He comes across a little creepy and small. There is just no there in there.

If the GOP has any hope it is somebody coming out of nowhere that no one saw coming. That has happened many times before.

This presidential election cycle is the Dems to lose.

Hope that’s true, but I think it’s more the exception then the rule. The coming out of the nowhere
crowd is kinda small when I think about it . Who fits that bill in relatively recent times ? Carter and maybe Clinton ? But they were at least governors, even if one was from very small state. On republican side, I’m coming up blanks on a nobody winning it all…unless you mean Trump ?
Nixon,Reagan,Bush, Bush Jr, we’re all well known commodities.

Carter, Trump, Clinton and Obama.

This could be the guy to pull an upset in the GOP primaries.

Apparently he is a good governor and a good guy.

It is a long shot but this guy could do it.

Fair enough on Obama. He was only in state
senate for 6-7 years and US senator for only
3 years.

As for Trump, I think he was a once in a lifetime
novelty act with no government experience that
some found appealing at the time. I mean how much damage could he really do ? Traditional Republicans for the most part don’t seem to go for the new up and comer types. Had been
conservative in that respect.

The next out of left field person I see jumping into politics would be somebody like the actor
Matthew McConaughey.

Yeah, you can’t make this crap up.

No one seems to complain about the Oath Keepers being woke.