19 UGone players in portal so far/D: Edsell back /Article: Don’t blame the AAC for the sad reality of UConn football"

For example:
" UConn entered American play in 2013 and left it Saturday with an 11-45 record. UConn never had a winning AAC record in any of seven seasons."

“the steaming pile of defeat that was UConn football’s seven-year sentence in the AAC prison. That’ll show ’em in Orlando and Cincinnati and Memphis.”

“Reality is UConn can look in the rear view mirror, broken and battered in the AAC, and see nothing but seven years of bad luck and worse football.”


“Benedict seems to indicate Edsall will not only be back in 2020, but 2021 and ’22 as well.”

Beating a 1-11 FCS team and a UMess squad who brokes UGone’s record for bad defense generated this optimism?

"After finishing 2-10 in 2019, at least 15 players are planning to transfer. Many of those transfers were reserves… others, such as safety Tyler Coyle(leading Tackler), cornerback Tahj Herring-Wilson and center Nino Leone, were regular starters. (2 other guys who projected as OL starters in 2020)


Their punter is in the portal. How bad does it have to be to be a punter in a portal?


Does this constitute tanking?

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The definition of UCONN football is tanking or just call them “Tanking U”.

Record since they have been in The American:
2013, 3-9
2014, 2-10
2015, 6-7
2016, 3-9
2017, 3-9
2018, 1-11
2019, 2-10

If that’s not tanking I don’t know what is. Oh my bad. They weren’t losing on purpose. They just suck.

A lot of 3 and outs will wear down a punter very quickly?