1987 Defining Game

When Pardee took over and implemented the R&S we stunk for 7 games. Then we beat Texas. That game signaled that the worm had turned.

Will there be such a game this year? We’re working hard, playing hard, and getting better.


We’ve got to get more people well before we make a move.

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Hugh difference…

CBY did not leave the roster bare. In fact, it was loaded with NFL type talent and future Heisman trophy winner.

Slightly different that what Herman and Apple Boy left !


Holgo will have some signature wins next season. The overall talent isn’t there now.


We have to be patient. In today’s world nobody wants to. Next season will be much better but we really have to look at the 2021 season to have a much better idea of where CDH will take us to. Our roster is talent depleted. We can’t expect to win games just because we want to. Tony Levine’s recruiting classes gave us great talent for his time as a HC as well as vhermin’s first and second season. The early indication of vhermin’s struggles (terrible losses) unfortunately spelled out loud and clear our future losses. vhermin took the job because he knew from his contacts how good our roster was. Knowing and recruiting is a major difference. He clearly was planning his career path strictly based on it. We all remember that he was “shopping” his services in his first season. Why do think he would even do this? applesauce took the job because you can’t refuse such a promotion especially in Houston. He clearly was not ready and did not have the recruiting connections that we all thought he had and were sold on. I have written it before. Mr. Fertitta should have known better, much better. The Pezman hire is key. I have written it before and was criticized for it. Hiring one of our own was and is critical at this point for our current and future athletics programs. So this Sunday, this season we are seeing how damaging these two hires were. I can’t tell you to be patient but would you at least take a moment to reflect on what funds we have in our bank account?


We have stability for the first time since Yeoman. We have an AD that is all in for UH for the first time since Uncle Dave.

We have facilities, we have the administration, we have the coaching staff, we have a good conference.

The future is bright.


Well said 51.