1993 conference realignment projections (No, it did not age well)


Could have done a lot worse!

But… Cincy to SEC? What is that about?

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This is what I always used to throw in people’s faces when they would tell me Houston couldn’t compete in a BCS or “Power” conference…

We’ve been competing in AND winning conference titles since the 70s against power schools. We weren’t cut because we weren’t competitive; we were cut for being too competitive…

And because other schools didn’t want to be mentioned in the same breath as UH… Looking at you sips and Ags…


This is very cool thanks for finding. RE: his prescience of the SWC Big 8 partnership a year before it occurred. Or were there chatters of that on the radio waves and print media.

Also Cincinnati is odd. The only time I remember hearing of them in that era is after Penn State shut em put 81-0

Cincy to SEC is probably because 1: the significance of football vs basketball to conference alignment wasn’t so out of balance yet, and 2: the SEC wasn’t so far ahead back then.

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Apparently, Mr. Kern didn’t think much of Utah.

The SEC was not the power then that it is today, but even then, Cin was coming off of about 15 years of 6 or less wins.

This is true. It is also true that UH fans did not support their teams to they level they deserved. That made it much easier to get left behind.

We were cut due to an apathetic administration, bad coaching decisions and fan support.


No. UH didnt make the cut in 96 because the admin, facilities and fan support were hot garbage

Same reason three time SEC champ Tulane got left behind. Same reason 7 timeSouthwest Conference Champions Rice got left behind.

Tulane did it to themselves.

Tulane chose to leave the SEC.