1995 NY Times Article

Oh those pesky experts…


You know the rebuttal to this is going to be…. because we did something and it’s obvious working.

Those “some experts” were clearly wrong (the headline on this article is pretty off base). I’ve seen on the other side of this be a bit off too. It happens, obviously.

That said, gateway pundit? Yikes. Lol

I’ve lived on the coast all my life, all the docks are still above water, lol. The water is still not over the sea wall in galveston, lol

Climate Change: Global Sea Level | NOAA Climate.gov)%20above%201993%20levels.

The sea level is rising

You need to tell Obama, he has 40 million dollars of real estate at risk

I think the earth goes in cycles of hotter to cooler by its tilt over 1000s of yrs etc. We could be causing some issues maker it warmer but it’s more likely the general tilt of the earth which is a cycle. However, I love muscle cars and gas cars but if we went all electric on cars and they make it affordable to buy, maintain and have fast charge stations everywhere like gas stations then I could live with it where they get rid of gas cars globally but we can’t be the only one doing it. It has to be global for it to work and if globally done on cars, I think it’s the best we can do. Trucks need gas like 18 wheelers , planes and heavy farm equipment. So the best we can do is reduce or get rid of gas cars which could help then I stop there. Right now electric cars are too expensive, almost no charging stations I see, and we don’t yet know about maint. Will Tesla give you a 10 yr battery replacement or will you have to buy another car every 5 or 10 yrs ? The battery in the car is a huge issue bc if they can’t warranty it then it’s a no go. So I think it’s 20 yrs away and oil companies will fight it and what about job loses with no cars or way less gas cars. It’s a big problem to convert to electric cars with the employment issues. Oil companies will still be needed bc all paints and plastics are oil based but it will be a huge economic hit on oil companies and jobs.I have 2 muscle cars in my family , a Dodge Challenger v8 and mustang v8 so I love gas cars but if we go that route then I’m ok but they need to fix the issues I stated above with costs and stations first.

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Costs of EVs today seem to be on par with many luxury cars already. Power density
of next generation batteries should meet the heavy duty needs of much of the things
discussed. You can even get battery powered riding mowers today. And if battery development
doesn’t pan out, hydrogen may be the alternative. I thought Tesla gives a 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty on their cars battery.

As far as earth orientation, I’m doubtful there is supporting evidence. We have CO2 atmosphere chemistry data that is solid. And ice core samples confirm too what has happened for last 100,000s of years.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the answer. Toyota makes them already. They get about 500 miles per tank

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So how much does it cost once the Tesla battery dies after the 8 yr warranty to allow people to keep driving it like with gas cars they can keep for 15 yrs. That’s the key question. In addition to my 2 muscle cars , I have a 2006 Honda which is still going and others have older cars they keep running after 10 or so yrs so that is the key question and I think electric cars are too new to determine long term costs yet.

My assumptions going into purchasing one will be after 10 years it’s salvage value. I typically
keep my gassers that long. But gassers are so many times more complex vehicles. Lots of
moving components. The electromagnetic force is much more advanced over chemistry of
expanding hot gases, valves, lifters, rings, pistons, connecting rods, cam shaft, fuel injectors,
spark plugs, cooling systems, exhaust system, and then you need an equally complex transmission
because the gassers and diesels don’t have enough torque.

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The fallacy of right wing media is that EVs are going to replace oil. When in fact it’ll just make it last longer. As for hydrogen, you realize that it’s a high pressure system. How long would it take to build stations for them? That’s the same excuse brainwashed dotes use against EVs. Yet electricity is available everywhere.

Didn’t the Germans tell us back in the 1930’s that hydrogen was the future for transportation?

The $Trillions sham. Great find. I posted a while back the exact same doomsday predictions from the 50’s on to the 70’s. The only difference is the climate change industry that has exploded and is generating revenues in the Trillions of dollars.
Climate change lecturer:

I am all for capitalism. This is just one of the ugly faces of it.
Climate change lecturer water skiing style:

Climate change lecturer pool diving style:

Climate change is real and has happened many times in our past. Civilizations have come and gone due to climate change. Part of it is a natural cycle but part of it is man made. So the question is what are we doing and what did we due to exasperate climate change? Both now and in the past.

The greens have completely focused on fossil fuels as the sole source of climate evil. But the reality is that agriculture and the clear cutting of forests are as big of an issue (Trees are a huge carbon sink).

I never considered myself a tree hugger but the amount of deforestation world wide over the last 100 years is shocking.

We actually caused climate cooling when europeans arrived in the Americas. Prior to Columbus there was 60 million native Americans most who lived off agriculture. 100 years later there were 6 million (we killed them off with disease) and the agriculture lands were reclaimed by the forests.

“Est. reading time: 2 minutes”

Side bets OP didn’t take the 2…

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Coog51 brings up a good point about trees that I forgot about till now. Trees clean the atmosphere and constantly were cutting down too many trees. Developers usually cut down all trees then plant a few so maybe we force new developments to leave as many trees as possible like in the woodlands and kingwood.

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The Woodlands and Kingwood, eh? Try the Amazon when you’re talking about cutting down trees. .

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Trees are a great example especially in California.
The state of California changed their forest management in the 80’s. The sierra club lobbied the state of California and got what they wanted. They wanted a “natural” habitat. The real “natural” habitat are forest that are not purged of dead trees. This has resulted in the reality that very few want to talk about. Most of these massive wild fires are not caused by climate change. They are caused by 100k’s of dead trees. Think about a loaded bomb ready to ignite. That is exactly what it is.
Now think about how many people have died because of this irresponsible forest management.


It’s even better when you read about the author of the piece coachv posted.
Nut job.

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