1st Team/2nd Team All AAC Teams announced

A third place finish in conference is pretty amazing for Penny. Considering how many pundits were predicting them as a Final Four team, it’s quite shocking.


The best thing is if we beat them on Sunday, they will probably get a chance to defend their NIT championship.


Especially with us running a 8 man rotation all conference play :joy:

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Penny….sleeper candidate for COY…

From what I have seen White is a contender for All-American. Forty percent from three is an
NBA number. His rebounding is terrific.

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I dont know about All-American but he better be first team all conference.

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Do y’all think he has a legit shot at the draft?

Do all 5 Coogs make 1st team or 2nd team?

Fabian - 1st team

Carlton - 1st team?

Edwards, Shead, Taze?

Tulane had a good season but they’re still 13-13 overall.

Memphis underperformed. Why should Nolley or Qinones get a nod over our guards?

Marcus Weathers, Kendric Davis, Jalen Duren, DeAndre Williams, Jalen Cook

And then our 5 players. Should make up the 10.

If any of our players gets snubbed its BS

Shead has 13 assists. Who gives a sh*t he doesnt score 20pts. The guys assist to turnover ratio is excellent

Fabian and Josh should be locks for first team.

Kyler Edwards for sure on the second team. I think Jamal will be on the second team, too.

Not sure about Taze.

Taze should be ENTERTAINER of the year.

I have so enjoyed watching him play !


Agree with what you wrote and would add that Shead should me be most improved as well

I believe Shead was a beneficiary of the injuries to Mark and Sasser. I knew he could play, just did not know how much playing time he would get, prior to those two going down. He has shown up BIG TIME and I have enjoyed all of it.

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American Basketball honors should be announced today.

My final predictions:

*Kelvin Sampson - Coach of the Year

*First Team AAC:

*Kendric Davis
*Marcus Weathers
*Fabian White
*Jalen Duren
*Josh Carlton

2nd Team AAC:

*Jalen Cook
*Kyler Edwards
*Jamal Shead
*Jaylen Forbes
*Kevin Cross


Deandre Williams and Nolley missed games. Williams played 11 conf games. Nolley played 14 of their 18 conf games.

Maybe someone from Temple. Maybe Michael Weathers. Would love to see Taze on there. Has scored in double figures 10 of his last 11 games

But UCF, Cincinnati, Wichita St underperformed and i dont think deserves a player on 1st or 2nd team.

Agreed, Fabian certainly deserves all conference and should be our rep on that team. No way he makes All-America but in my Coog eyes he is one…

I think Shead is the best point guard in the AAC. He may not have the scoring of some of the others, but his job isn’t to score, it’s to direct the team. It’s kind of like QB’s in football aren’t rated on their scoring, but their scoring passes. Look at the scoring passes of Jamal. Look at his assist to turnovers. Look at his steals.

Oh I agree but I doubt seriously they are going to put more than one Cougar on the first team and that would have to be White. That said, Shead’s day is coming soon…

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With returning wounded, and the red shirt an newbies coming in, Shead may not get near as much playing time next season . . . . .

Shead will start next season, just like he earned his way into the starting lineup this season

Shead has had to play entire games this year because of our lack of depth. So i would hope he sees a minutes reduction next year, but make no mistake he will be our starting PG. Kids absolutely earned it.



AAC coach of the Year.

Jank and Hunter should probably finish 2nd and 3rd