2 free tickets and gold parking

Anybody want 2 free tickets? I’ve already spoke with UH. You can pick them up at will call after I call them back and give your name to them.

I have a gold parking pass which I can email you. The closest parking available.

I am taking my mother in law to an appointment in the morning and can’t make the trip.

I wanted to go but didn’t want my wife jumping through hoops to get someone to help. Not just anyone can lift people in and out of cars, wheelchairs, etc. Y’all be careful with those cholesterol meds. Some kind of staton one she was taking gave her a reaction and now she can no longer walk. Just over 60 years old. Hopefully she will walk again. Doc hadn’t seen it in last 5 years but apparently it can happen.

Parking pass is claimed.

Tickets are claimed.

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Much more important than any fb game. Good for you. Hope all turns out well!

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Thanks for being a good son in law.

That’s what my dad says. Lol.

He wanted to go to the game with me but the weather is holding him back. He was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. He says there are bigger things than a game. Sports taught me life lessons from back in 1994 little league baseball until now.

I am ate up with UH but I do agree.
Hopefully he’ll the TCU opener.

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I’ll take them…

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I just replied. @Kyle_Be_Coogin

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I don’t see it…

Send me your phone in a message. I’ll call you


Thanks dude… I’ll yell twice as loud to rep for you… :grin:

Go Coogs!


No fights w all the Ragin Cagin fans. :smiley: