2 Texas universities leading space

Farmers building a space hub and Cows leading space innovation

What the heck are we even doing? We’re space city for Pete’s sake.

Yea I don’t know why we’re not a space grant university.

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Costs a bunch of money to play in space.

Thanks to the puf, they have that and we don’t.


We already have a program for space.


we’ve had that program for decades!

The state recently gave them money to do this from the surplus, not UH, who is in Houston. This is on top of their PUF fund.



You know UT or A&M are going to dominate anything to do with large grant research dollars. UH wants there share there going to have to fight for it. UCF just got a large grant to develop new technology for a ramjet that morphs. Where is ours. UH was smart we partner up with TSU, flight aviation program that trains airline pilots and other professional for the aviation industry

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HISD already has that program. Its fantastic for anyone thinking about being a pilot.

Good idea.