2 tickets and parking pass for tomorrow vs Bryant

one of my coworkers has season tickets and can’t make the game tomorrow, wanted me to reach out on here.

section 107 row 10 seats 7-8 and the green lot parking pass. $30 total. PM me.

Better just give them away not much of a demand for Bryant:(

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I have given my tickets away for the Northwestern and Louisiana games due to conflicts I can’t avoid. I gave the Northwestern tickets to a younger guy who worked with me before I retired. He has football season tickets and maybe he will think about buying basketball tickets.

The Louisiana game tickets went to another friend that has season tickets. To me, it’s more important that my seats be filled than getting paid for them. I figure that money was already well spent and a bargain anyway.


The game is a sellout

hey man I hear you, just posting them for a buddy.

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