2003 Hawaii Bowl on ESPNU

Tonight at 7pm on ESPNU. Xfinity Channel 725. Houston vs Hawaii.

Art Briles vs June Jones. Kevin Kolb, Jackie Battle. 3 OT. Teams Fight!!!

I screamed like a little kid when Kolb hit the pass at the end. Should have gone for two!


Only reason I remember this game is because of the postgame fight.


Did the Luau really get cancelled?

could have also gone for two with Jackie battle in overtime.

that being said, june jones was trying to lose that game, it seemed to me.

I have that game on DVD. I still pull it out and every couple of years and watch. I know we lost, but that was one heck of an exciting game–a roller coaster ride.

Our biggest mistake was knocking out the starting QB, which allowed Timmy chang to come off the bench.


My little (err Big little cousin Roy Swan #71) was on that Coog team on the Offensive Line. Remember that one well and the Brawl at the end of the Overtime.


My wife and I still talk about that fight. Best CFB fight ever. Swinging helmets.


Ranks as one of the most entertaining games we played and lost.

Also, it’s humbling to think that it was 17 years ago.


Dude. Yeah. I was 20. I remember watching this game. How time flies.


My wife and I were in the stands. Good news was that we met lifelong Coog friends on that trip (Sam & Suzanne Kamas), bad news was that we thought we would have to fight our way out of the Stadium…
Worst fans ever, and hell…we had LOST !!!


I really don’t like watching replays of losses and I don’t watch replays that have low quality video.

I was 11 at that time and ironically I would always say I would never go to UH because I don’t want play for a terrible football team. I was shocked to see UH kn a bowl game after years of ineptitude.

I was 14 in 8th grade grade watching with my whole family in the living room. Even though we lost just like the Liberty Bowl they were both entertaining.

I was 8 at the time and couldn’t possibly have cared less about sports.

That game settled my decision to go to UH. I hope that’s not diagnosable.

I work with the guy who took his helmet off during that fight. Every time he walked in the depot I would play it. He would shake his head and say " Laird will you please stop". Then we all have a big laugh. But I have always acknowledged to him how sorry I am that happened.

I still remember Briles not going for 2 and therefore not handing it to Jackie Battle so we could win the game.

I remember turning this game off in the 4th quarter. I didn’t find out we went into overtime till the next day. Really not fair playing a bowl game at someone’s else’s home.

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I remember their ‘mascot’ saying “Houston you are not welcome here” and thought it was just mascot blather. Turns out he wasn’t kidding at all. We should never play them in football again ever or play in bowl game on Christmas Eve.

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We played in a few bowl games here in Houston…that said, the bowl game with Hawaii was really a meaningless game, but I was at work and listening on the radio and really got excited on that touchdown pass that sent the game into overtime.
Hawaii turned out to be a bunch of thug outlaws and hopefully we never play in an environment like that again…