2011 v UCLA on at 8p Monday Night

Since there is nothing to watch on TV until the season starts – was happy to see fox sports Atlantic will be showing the 2011 game against The Bruins in 30 mins.

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Thanks for the heads up! Set my DVR.

Must be a regional thing. I have a Rangers game? Maybe I’m on the wrong channel?

UVERSE help?

647 FCSA on Uverse in Houston

Amazing run by Hayes, breaking 5 tackles. A Cougar highlight etched in history.

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I was at that game…it was fun but man I’m glad that we now have a defense to go along with our offense these days!

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I was in the end zone for that play. Redonkulous. Wasn’t sure I’d really seen it until I watched the highlights later.

Thanks. I don’t have the channel. :frowning:

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