2016 could be Cougars’ most important season of decade

2016 could be Cougars’ most important season of decade



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Go Coogs!

Can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed that image of young black men in heavy chains. I suppose the fact that images of slavery don’t immediately occur to them is progress. Go Coogs!

I think it’s symbolic of all them being links in the chain.

2016 is important, and I hope we go 13-0 and make the CFP. But I’m not counting on that. I do think Memphis and Navy will be a little down, but we’ll be at their places and marked on the calendar. If we survive all our divisional matchups, I think three games will tell the tale–OU, Louisville, and at Cincinnati. If we just win one of those three, we should be in good shape for the Cotton Bowl unless Boise has a great season, and chances are they’ll lose a couple with Washington State, BYU, Air Force, and solid MWC opponents in Utah State, Colorado State, and New Mexico + the championship game, probably against what is likely to be a very good SDSU team. Getting to two consecutive NY6 bowls would be the best we’ve done since '78 and '79 and reinforce our position at THE G5 team and a Top 10-15 program.


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