2016 Team

Good vid. I seriously think we could have made it. It was set up great for us just too many distractions throughout the year. Problem was we would have faced off against Bama and though I think we’d bloody their nose, we probably would have lost. Still, I would have loved to have seen it.

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Don’t lose sleep on it, we weren’t sniffing the playoff then either


I respectfully disagree- I believe they would have made it in 2016 with an undefeated season. They not only beat OU and Louisville, they dismantled them. The OU score was much closer than the game really was, and then they thoroughly dominated Louisville later.

I’ll always believe that if Herman would have been fully committed during that season, they would not have lost a game…unfortunately we’ll never know. Also, their only loss the year before followed a week with the South Carolina rumors floating around. Who knows, with a fully committed head coach they could have gone undefeated two years in a row.


I hate thinking about this season

Everything was perfectly aligned… we had the best G5 schedule OOC, #3 OU and #5 Louiseville. We topped at #6. Best roster Un years.

Damn you Tom!!!

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After seeing what happened with UCF in 2017 and 2018, the committee would have found a way to leave us out if we finished undefeated.

Looking at the 4 teams that actually made it, they all had at least 3 ranked wins, which the committee would have used against UH since Oklahoma and Louisville were the only 2 ranked teams.
No AAC team was ranked when we played them.

Alabama: 7 wins against ranked teams (2 vs top 10, Tennessee and A&M)
Clemson: 3 wins against ranked teams (1 vs top 10, Louisville in which UH blew out)
Ohio State: 4 wins against ranked teams (3 vs top 10, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan)
Washington: 4 wins against ranked teams (2 vs top 10, Stanford and Colorado)


But we had wins over 2 top 5 opponents, both of whom had Heisman winning quarterbacks that we dismantled! 31 to 0 at halftime against Lamar Jackson who was unstoppable that season (except against us) and still won the Heisman that year!

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He’s right, hard to believe we lost those two games then the bowl.

The players on that team have made it clear that the rumors were constant after the OU win and Herman was actively looking during the season. Dane Roy said everyone overheard Herman to tell his wife to start looking for houses in Austin.

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Here’s the episode of Dane’s podcast where he tells “the Tom Herman story” :