2016 UH Nike Apparel

Does anybody know where they are selling the 2016 UH Nike apparel for this upcoming season?
I looked online everywhere and they still have last season’s apparel.
I noticed other schools sponsored by Nike have their new apparel online for purchase.

Called bookstore about a month ago when I started seeing this years polos for other schools online and they said they would have them by the end of July. So far, still nothing. There has been some new stuff posted on the UH bookstore site, but its mainly for women and kids. Hoping they will have some of the sideline options that were available this year which I posted the link too earlier. There is some cool looking items this year.

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Called the bookstore again and it seems they got the coaches polos today. They still need to tag them, but you can ask for them. Planning to head over Friday at lunch. Hope there are some other Nike goodies there as well.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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