2017 QB Competition

CTH just said on his radio show that the QB competition is likely to come down to Kyle Allen, Kyle Postma or Bowman Sells next year, but don’t count out D’Eriq King. That’s a pretty interesting comment and actually says a lot about Bowman Sells. Kyle Allen is not exactly the dual threat Herman likes to work with, and as far as I know, Bowman Sells is more of a pro-style QB than a dual threat, so it’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out. As much as we’re going to miss Greg, we are pretty well set at QB. And we’ll have some serious speed at WR next year too. Now if we can just get the O-line figured out…

That’s coach speak for sure. Remember, he said their was a QB competition between GWJr and Schultz. He just wants the other players to keep working hard even though they won’t be playing this year.

The way Kyle Allen threw the ball in the spring game was all I needed to see. Postma can’t throw the deep ball while Sells and King could use more seasoning.

I didn’t get to go to the spring game this year, so I’ll take your word for it. Allen has always had an incredible arm, but he wasn’t the best decision-maker at A&M. Hopefully he’s really learning the offense this year, and even more importantly, I hope the offense doesn’t change from this year to next.

It was only 1 drive, but he was accurate and had a lot of zip on it. If you look at his highlight video you can tell he is better than Postma. I will be really surprised if one of the younger guys starts for us.

CTH said he is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck…

The real question is will we be able to run the ball and protect the less mobile QB. GW Jr has bailed us out over the past couple of years.

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Where does that put king? Will he stay?

My guess is he stays at slot receiver if he’s not the immediate back up. Honestly, I think he’s fine with that. At least he should be.

Kyle Allen will be the starter unless there is injury.

If Allen wins next year, I don’t see anyone leaving. Postma and King will probably back him up, and King will also probably play WR.

Once Allen is gone, I could see maybe Smith or Sells leaving if they aren’t starting, King probably wouldn’t have much eligibility left. I think Herman will do what he can to have them all stay though. His last year at Ohio State he went through 3 quarterbacks and his first two years here he lost the back up QB’s for the season.

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The big worry with Allen is that he isn’t a runner. He’s not a statue, but you need to protect him which means our OL will need to be much better next year.

Sells was a pretty good runner in high school so there’s a little more leeway there.

I actually know a lot about king, and I honestly think that if CTH knows what he is doing as a quarterback whisperer (he does) then the competition between Allen and king will be closer than we expect.

Yes Allen has the arm and posture of a traditional solid pocket passer. But as we saw at A&M he has some weak spots, and as we saw the last three years with ward, there is a lot of power in mobility.

King, I would describe as Greg ward style, but with a better arm as a freshman than Greg has as a senior. Probably just as fast, if not faster (would like to see the numbers) on the ground. And as an added benifit the offense is already taylored to his play. I honestly believe that the competition will be close after watching the spring game, and about three years of kings high school career and parts of this year.

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Dual Threat is a difference maker in college football!


A friend saw the Tyler John Tyler game last week and said our QB commit from there is a bigger, faster Greg Ward Jr.

Hope he sticks


Bryson Smith…He’s all-in on the Coogs. He was at the Louisville game and Ward has been mentoring him. He should be in the mix at QB as well.


Yesss. God forbid coach Herman leaves for a new challenge at Texas, Bryson Smith would stick with UH even with a new head coach.

He is having a monster Senior year. Greg Ward is his mentor and his unofficial big brother. Bryson loves UH. I honestly believe he will be UH’s QB of the future.