2017 Roster possibilities

I had posted this on the other site recently and wanted to move it over here. Here’s a list of potential returnees (I doubt Lantrip and Hernandez return):

Incoming Freshmen:

And JC Signees (may not be comprehensive):

Jake Scheiner - INF - Santa Rosa Community College: Speed and gets on base without striking out, no pop
Jacob Barfield - 1B/3B - Wharton County Junior College: PG had him as the 434th H.S. prospect, at one point was going to Miss St, but backed out this semester, can absolutely mash the ball
Carson Larue - P - Cowley College: PG had him as the 291st H.S. prospect, Top notch starter who was going to OK St at one point, K’s more than 1 per IP is 10-1 2.07 ERA 8CG
Tyler Fallwell - P - Cochise College: Solid starting pitcher who struck out more than 1 batter per IP this year and had a 2.87 ERA in a very hitter friendly league
Cooper Coldiron - INF - Grayson Junior College: Can hit with some pop - .348/.400/.642 with 24 doubles and 9 HR in a hitter friendly league.

Also found a 2017 HS commit
Jordan Monacy - 1B/RHP - 6’5" 230, Perfect Game Honorable Mention Underclassman out of Magnolia H.S.

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Limit is 35 on the roster. We have 28 players that could possibly come back, 15 high school recruits and 5 JUCO transfers coming in = 48 total players at this point in time.

Updated potential roster, those in yellow were drafted (removed Nick Hernandez since he’s already signed a contract). The 3 JUCO guys that were drafted are leaning towards going pro as of now. 3 of the 4 H.S. draftees are coming to UH while Marcus Mack’s status is up in the air. Right now, there are 49 players on this list so there will be some attrition:

Seems like a good problem to have, but what happens in the event that all 48 show up? Are all currently promised scholarships? Is this common?

This amount of players isn’t common, but we didn’t have as many incoming guys drafted. Not many are actually on scholarship as Div 1 teams are only allowed 11.7 scholarships (they can divide it up as they see fit). I imagine the 3 JUCO players will go pro based off what I’ve read (Larue would be nice though). After that, a few guys will leave due to not getting enough playing time or other reasons and then the staff will try to help others catch on elsewhere.

You’re right though, this is a good problem to have and next year’s team should be really good.

Found two more incoming High School Recruits: Jared Triolo (Lake Travis) and Landon Etzel (Clear Creek)

Up to 51 players now that could potentially come in (I’m still counting Lantrip since he hasn’t signed with Cleveland as of yet and none of the other draftees have signed) . Again, the limit is 35.

Some updates:

  • Looks like Lantrip will sign Tuesday with the Indians

  • Cody Nesbit looks like he will sign with the Royals and will not be coming to Houston

  • Caleb Morris has committed to Blinn and will be transferring out

  • Chris Reed has committed to Tarleton State and will be transferring out

More Updates:

  • Lantrip did sign Tuesday with the Indians

  • Tyler Fallwell signed with the Royals and won’t be coming to Houston

  • Marcus Mack signed with the Rangers and won’t be coming to Houston

  • We picked up a commitment from Rey Fuentes out of Alvin Community College. Fuentes, a second baseman originally from Deer Park, spent 1 year at Alvin and hit .410 with 6 HR and 32 RBIs.

Jud Kinzy has moved to UT-Arlington. Roster now at 45.

I presume LaRue will sign his milb deal. It’s not like we have a roster spot. With all due respect to the following players it’s hard to imagine Stading, Marucci, and N Jackson returning as active contributors. I don’t think Tauzin played a game last year.

Even if some/most/all of those guys move on it’s difficult to project how we manage the overage…

Larue announced tonight that he’s joining the Astros so we’re down to 44.

We can carry more than 35 going into the fall. As players come in and learn their role, there will be some attrition at that point and some guys will transfer out and go JUCO. More than likely, we’ll end up keeping guys like the ones you listed as they will be the ones willing to accept bench roles. I’d keep an eye on the freshmen from last year (Wingate, Champion, Richert, Padgett, Bond, and Lawson specifically) as well as some of the JUCO guys that have committed this year as they will probably be the first guys out if they don’t feel they are going to play much.

So that’s interesting… You can actually have 40+ players on the team practicing and then come spring it has to be @ 35?

Yep. As long as the roster is set at 35 prior to the first game, you can have as many people practicing as you want. Only 25 are allowed to be on scholarship and there’s only 11.7 scholarships to give out to those 25 players.

Found another signee: Kyle Griffin out of Wabash Valley JC in Illinois. He was named a NJCAA All-American Honorable Mention this past year after pitching in 15 G, 5 GS, while going 11-3 with a 1.74 ERA in 93.1 IP. He gave up 56 H, 18 ER, walked 20, and struck out 136.

Jon Tauzin has transferred to Tarleton State.

Zac Taylor is out.

A person on another board says Jose Reyes is gone but that would surprise me.

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Taylor has a great glove, but just couldn’t hit consistently. Sad to see him go though.

Coogs have John Grimsley coming in from San Jac that can fit right into center. Hit .341 with 27 SBs and more BBs than Ks. Also hit well this summer in the Texas Collegiate League for one of the top teams in the nation. Clay Casey can also play center as well as Wong and Julks in a pinch.

Reyes hasn’t said anything on Twitter yet (and may not until he finds a new school as is usually the case with guys transferring out). He has the same problem as Taylor: good glove and no bat, although he did better than what was advertised before the season.

Lot of choices here as the Coogs have Allonte Wingate that can fill in right away (he’s hit well this summer), Cooper Coldiron from Wharton who hit .348 with 9 homers, as well as incoming freshmen Cody Erikson and Jared Triolo. Hollis has also played short (although he’s more of a 2B or 3B) and there’s always Wong.

If both Taylor and Reyes are gone, that gets us down to 42.

And…Wingate has transferred to Cisco JC. So much for him being the Shortstop

And Reyes is confirmed gone…transferring to Tarleton

Updated roster with the correct class for each player (to my best guess); also added the perfect game ranks for each of the freshmen. Currently sitting at 41 players.

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