2017 Summer League Coogs

Well, the season ended yesterday and I’ll try to do what I did last year and follow our Coogs in the summer leagues:

Known Assignments:

Cape Cod
Bourne Braves: Carter Henry, Joe Davis, Jared Triolo

Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League
Alexandria Aces: Nick Slaughter
Baltimore Redbirds: Lael Lockhart

California Collegiate
Healdsburg Prune Packers: Nolan Bond, Landon Etzel, Rey Fuentes, Jake Scheiner
Santa Barbara Foresters: Brayson Hurdsman

New England Collegiate League
Winnipesaukee Muskrats: Tyler Bielamowicz, Hunter Edwards

Northwoods League
Bismark Larks: Cooper Coldiron
Kalamazoo Growlers: Connor Hollis

Texas Collegiate
Brazos Valley Bombers: John Grimsley

As guys start heading off and I can find them on rosters, I’ll update this post


Upper valley nighthawks play right up the road from me. Guess i’ll get to bring the cougar flag to some games to root on Padgett.
Maybe a trip to cape cod to root on the other guys.
Summer leagues are a lot of fun.

For those of us less informed, can someone explain how summer leagues work? How do these guys end up on various teams? Are the teams just made up of college players? Sorry for the ignorance.

Team composition is based on a number of factors: some is just guys wanting to play close to home, some coaches calling and reserving spots for guys due to previous relationships, and some are teams recruiting guys. Cape Cod league is the most famous so it usually tries to get some of the top players, but there are a lot of top notch leagues.

Most players are college and JUCO players, but there are the occasional older high schooler who just graduated or a former young pro player that isn’t attached to a team and more than likely is recovering from a serious injury.

Hitters are there to keep working and pitchers are usually there if they didn’t get a ton of work during the season. Guys like Ullom who threw a lot of innings won’t usually play summer leagues to rest their arms.

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Thank you, sir.

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Another one, Lockhart is heading to Baltimore as a pitcher according to their roster

Nick Slaughter is also heading to the Cal Ripken league; he’ll be with the Alexandria Aces.



Cooper Coldiron is playing for the Bismark Larks of the Northwoods League


Padgett was released from his summer league team. Guessing he’s recovering from his injuries.

1st Week of Summer League for some Coogs; I’ve listed everyone I could find and who has played in a game so far. Davis, Henry, and Hurdsman are attached to rosters, but have not played a game yet (and probably won’t). I’ve also included Eric Wagaman as he is committed to Houston, but he was drafted in the 13th round by the Yankees and I believe he’ll sign with them. I’m also including Scheiner and Coldiron even though they were drafted; if they sign, I’ll stop following them. Scheiner hasn’t played since the draft.

Couple of guys made their debuts this week: Carter Henry with Bourne of the Cape Cod League and Connor Hollis with Kalamazoo of the Northwoods League.

Bielamowicz continues to pace the hitters, but really everyone except for Coldiron and Fuentes had good weeks. Probably a good sign that Coldiron will be back with the team next year since he’s still in summer league. As far as Fuentes, he didn’t play this week so I’m not sure if he has an injury or something else. He’s still on the Healdsburg roster as of now.

Pitching was OK. Henry pitched a good inning in relief for his debut. Bond had a decent outing, but continues to give up hits. Edwards came back to earth a bit this week. Coldiron and Bielamowicz both got to pitch; neither recorded an out.

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Week 3 is in the books and here’s how the Coogs are doing. There was some corrections on Etzel and Fuentes as it looks like the statkeeper mixed them up for a game or two.