2017 team vs 2014?

Sadly I think the 2014 team would win by a td

Agree. The 2014 team was 6-2 I believe once we switched to ward.

Technically that 2014 team , Apart from Greenberry and a Okorn , went on to win the peach bowl in 2015.


And I think people forget how truly great that 2014 defense was. The were rated the 11th best scoring defense in the nation giving up only 19.5 points per game.

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Hypothetical A team vs B team battles are stupid because they’ll never play and you can’t argue something that can’t ever happen.

2014 was prime jackboyz years…the turnover margin was ridiculous …2017 is turnover prone
also would include sacking machines bowser and taylor
greenberry, ambles > current cb

2014 by atleast 2tds, if ward starts…that includes the defensive tds

“Sacking machines” Bowser and Taylor combined for 7 sacks total in 13 games in 2014. The 2014 team also threw more INTs than 2017, even if you want to make it a “per game” stat rather than a cumulative stat.

Even by your low standards this is a pretty bad take.

It depends on which team from each year showed up. Both were terribly inconsistent and could
beat or lose to anyone on their schedule.


This is the right answer.

lets point out 2 very clear things i aid…and pay attention…“with ward as qb” (who didnt turn the ball over much)…“turnover prone” (that includes fumbles)

“Sacking machines” Bowser and Taylor …they were not in sack based defense…to pill up huge numbers of sacks…but they were still able to pressure the qb…the difference could be seen when they switched defenses

Even by your low standards this is a pretty bad rebutal…you ignored key parts of my response and defined it by whatever you wanted

i said after ward had taken over…despite what anyone might think, the team after ward had taken over was pretty good. applewhite himself said anyone could have taken over the 2015 team and won 10 games

and im saying this in a ‘likely’ outcome…not a crazy game, if you watched the tulane game, wards ints in that game were “luck” for tulane…ambles ran the wrong route in one, another the WR tipped it to the defender. and despite that ward still had us 3 yards from winning… ward had 4ints all his sophmore year, 3 were in that game, in 9 games

so if crazy stuff happened 2017 would win, but talking the standard game, with ward as qb im taking 2014, and its not that close

Well, Ward starting would not matter if the coach did not let him run. Do these teams include
their coaches or the present staff?

Greg Ward threw a pick every 37.6 attempts, D’Eriq King threw one every 69.5 attempts.

Also I have no idea what a “sack based defense” is. That’s like calling an offense a “touchdown based offense” in that it is a ridiculous, non-existent thing that anyone who knows football would laugh at you for suggesting exists.

Honestly, I didn’t think you’d top yourself after calling the Hoops team the 10th best team in the AAC… but you keep doing you.

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I still say the same. You say Tulane was luck but it still happened. All I’m saying is it depends on which team showed up. Both teams were inconsistent. I think it’s hard to get a likely result with inconsistent teams. If you’re saying both teams at their best, I’d take 2014… especially with Ward starting.

"Also I have no idea what a “sack based defense” is. That’s like calling an offense a “touchdown based offense” in that it is a ridiculous, "

bringing pressure, to the qb. why are you making very simple concepts seem complicated
in 2014 the emphasis was run stopping and turnovers (rarely blitzed)…while in orlando it was about qb pressure
no one would laugh at me, since herman himself said the reason he brought orlando in was his ability to get to the qb

you seem stubborn and just trying make a point and nit picking details to say you are right…

i also never said we were the 10th best… we lost to drexel, i said at this moment we have shown less than 9 teams above us, that id rank us 10th right now… i noted in EVERY single response that it could change but that at that time comparing everyone we didnt look as good as others…drexel is a 250 rpi team and we hadnt beaten anyone of note…you changed the debate…as a matter of fact, you ddnt even read my response in that debate (or so you said)…you literally said im not going to read what you posted

Some people call “nit picking details” objectively gathering facts that contradict people like you.

Also saying there were 9 teams better than UH after the team got done playing its 2nd game is insanely dumb my man.

we have preseason rankings made by the coaches, made by media, made by computers, are you calling them dumb?.

my rankings werent a end of the season projections but a at the moment power rankings…which i stated numerous times…and at that time after the drexel loss we deserved to be ranked “at that moment” #10

Yes I’m doing precisely that.