2018-19 Non-Conference Schedule Release

They’re going to drip it out:


there better be a sweet surprise in there if they are going to drag it out 3 days and every 30mins…

most of our big games are already public…would be weird to drag this out to find out we are playing praire view .



Alabama A&M was 350th out of 351 teams in the RPI last year and tied for the lowest amount of wins by a D1 team (3-28)


Rice was 322nd out of 351 teams in the RPI last year (7-24)


Northwestern State was the 343rd team out of 351 teams in the RPI. They had one more win than Alabama A&M last year (4-25)

So they’re saying these aren’t exhibition games.

Nope, regular season games.


BYU was 68th in the RPI last year (24-11). They return just about everyone and add 4* Gavin Baxter. They are expected to challenge Gonzaga for the WCC title this year.

this seems to be part of that classic…

you know a classic is embarrassing when no one wants to admit its a classic…and hid it for months and pretend they are home and homes …

but all the good ooc games are late so they can be played in fertitta, so we should get the bulk of the buy games tomorrow…which should include njit

if they are more 350-ish rpi games, we will have self eliminated oursleves from a high seed in the tournament …

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Or what !!!

Just wait until the end and look at schedule.

“or what” im confused what that means

If Lsu,osu,saint Louis, oregon, and heck even byu all make the tournament it should help our potential seeding tremendously.

rpi (or any computer) doesnt just look at only your good games, it averages ALL of them…we had the 3rd worst noncon of any atlarge team last year
something the committee weighs heavily…

here is an article complaining about nc state being punished for a weak non-conference (author feels your whole schedule should be weighed together and nc states schedule as a whole playing in the acc is amazing)

also oklahoma state is projected at the bottom of the big 12, they arent a projected tourney team, neither is byu…
im perfectly fine with the top our our schedule …im just worried about the average …
there wont be any top 25 games in the aac this coming year…

if tomorrow they announce more 350-ish, it means half our OOC will be 350-ish rpi games… far worse than last year …and i honestly cant see higher than a 6seed with that schedule…and that would be on a 30win team…25/26 and we would be on the bubble sweating…im hoping we get some decent buy games tomorrow * crosses fingers *

Cincy played three 300+ RPI teams out of conference last season. They were a 2 seed in the tournament. Just an FYI.

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3 isnt too bad…we were almost guaranteed to have 2-ish ,maybe 3…but i expected it to be in the buy games, we got 3 by default for playing in this classic…and we still have the buy games to announce

my point was that i hope we dont add more
(note cincy non conference top to bottom was amazing, the aac was stronger last year, my point was about “the average” not specifically the bottom)

Oregon, Saint Louis, LSU, and BYU will finish in the top 50 in RPI this year. Cincy only played 4 of those last year as well. They also played another three teams with an RPI of 200+. So half of their non conference schedule was against 200+ RPI teams. Again, they were a 2 seed in the tourney.

byu isnt projected to finish in the top 50…they are a projected nit team in the 60-80 range for most…t-rank the only full computer projections released has them projected at 103…i hope they are a tourney team but its too early to count them as one

lsu and st louis werent top 100 last year. i get that they are projected to be good, but st louis was projected to be good last year aswell, and completely flopped, lsu was projected good the last few years and completely flopped…you are banking on teams that flop

also you changed the narrative…i said 300+, having half your non-con as 200+ isnt an issue at all…before all of this i said i hope all our buy games were in the 180-240 range…meaning i was perfectly fine with an all 200+ rpi buy game schedule (210-ish)…
that is a completely different discussion than 300+

let me break it down, cincy had to play 5 games remotely close to to 300 in its 34 game schedule (only played ecu/usf once), …they also got to play in a stronger aac with a highly ranked wichita

we already have 9 and still have 4 buy games to announce (play ecu/usf each twice. rice 328 , northwestern state 342, alabama a&m 350, njit 269)…there is no top 10 wichita in the aac

how are those schedules even comparable to you???

Since you are including NJIt. Cincy played 6 teams close to 300 RPI.

Coppin State (343)
Alabama State (333)
Arkansas Pine-Bluff (307)
Cleveland State (283)

Also, outside of UH, Cincy, and Wichita, our conference was terrible last season. Tulsa finishing fourth is a prime example of that.

Jon Rothstein has been projecting UCF and Cincy in the top 30 all offseason long, so it’s a stretch for you to say that there will be zero top 25 games. Also, SMU, Memphis, and UCONN should take significant steps forward this season. Our conference will be stronger as a whole, IMO.

And you counted 8 games close to 300, not 9. Where’s your other team?

Let me just make sure I have Pesik’s logic correct. We will be lucky to be a six seed in the tourney, even if we win 30 games. Cincy wins 30 games with 6 games close to 300 RPi teams and is comfortably a 2 seed. We play two more of those games and we will be lucky to be a six seed? Makes sense.

300+ RPI games are unfortunate, but far and away the most important thing for the committee recently seems to be good wins. I wish some of those 300ish games were 150 rpi type teams, but we should hopefully have plenty of opportunities for q1/q2 wins and if we get enough of those we will be fine.


We lost to Drexel last year. A 250-ish RPI team. We still were comfortably a six seed.