2018-19 Non-Conference Schedule Release

  1. talking rpi, not conference finish, in the eyes of the rpi it was a great year, temple was 52, and our 9 th team was still 120 rpi

  2. neither ucf or uc will be top 25 at the start of the seaon, rothstein himself doesn’t have them top 25…and he is the only person that has them even outside the top 25, espn and cbs dont… lets not act like its my narrative that the aac is supposed to be bad


again, like byu…im hoping we are better but lets not act like it is for sure better…according to t-rank we are the highest aac and we are in the 40s

if you want i could average last year’s rpi of cincy’s games,and the projected numbers for our games and it wouldnt even be kind of close, even remotely …oregon is the only team in the top 50 in the computers, and lsu is the only other elite touted in most human poll on our entire schedule…
you are projecting on hope vs actual finish (i want byu to be good, so i will count them top 50)…remember when we thought st louis and wake forest would be good last year!! good times

and let me make my logic clear, since you are missing it…i have said the amount of 300+ rpi games we have is fine now, as long as “we dont have to play anymore”…i said we wont get higher than a six, “if we add more”… not sure how you have missed that part… i have said 2 or 3 is fine but lets not exceed that…my whole original point was that we are already loaded with 300 and still have 4 buy games to announce

Don’t worry. I did it for you.

Cincy = 123
Houston = 147

This is going strictly off of last year’s finishes. So Oregon was a 72 RPI (Pac-12 preseason favorite), Saint Louis a 148 RPI (A10 preseasok favorites). Those two will be top 50 RPI. LSU was a 94 RPI. They will be top 50. You put them in at 50 and our number jumps to 140. Yeah, we’re so far away from Cincy’s schedule last season.

Also, SMU was a 112 RPI. And they had a ton of injuries. They’ll be much better this season. UCF was in the 80s. They’ll be a top 30 RPI team.

okay you are still missing that we have to announce 4 buys games…and that rice, bama a&m, and northwestern st arent even our buy games, but part of a classic/tournament… not sure you are aware the level of buy games we normally get…(incarnate word, mcnesse, etc…)
not sure why you keep missing the part about “im okay with those 3, lets not add more”…

in the very first post i had * crosses finger * hope we dont add more

I included NJIT. So we have 3 left. We only play 12 non conference games.


UT-RGV was 234th in last year’s RPI and went 15-18 as member’s of the WAC.

So, 4 home games at TSU.

I got

11/14 Rice
11/19 NW St
11/28 UTRGV

Which is the 4th? BYU is on the road.

11/10 Alabama A&M


Oregon was 67th in RPI last year and 23-13. Many outlets are predicting that they will win the PAC12 this year.

so far our ooc games are

Alabama a&m
nw st
Oklahoma st
st. louis

am i missing any others?

yeah i just edited them.


Saw it and deleted my comment.

You’ve got UT-RGV on there twice. Switch one out for NJIT.

Should have 2 more games announced today or tomorrow.


Lamar was 232nd in the RPI and 19-14 in the Southland last year. They only lost one of their top 3 scorers from last year’s team.


Oklahoma State was 85th in RPI last year and 21-15. They lose their top 3 scorers from last season.

So tomorrow will be:
St Louis
at LSU
one other

We have a FB game against Temple that day also.

Not to worry, the FB game will most likely be a 9:00 a.m. kickoff…:sunglasses:


We play at LSU? Didn’t we play there last year?

I thought I read they were coming here on Dec 12.


I think we our good enough to control our own fate.

  1. Don’t lose to team who aren’t very good.
  2. Beat teams who are very good, or at least hang tough in their house.
  3. Win the conference tournament.

If we do that, I don’t see how we seed worse than 5.

But I’m no expert.

We have a year like we did last year, with no Drexel type losses, and we’re a top 4 seed.


I agree with joprior. They seem to give more love to teams/coaches that have already been there.

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