2018-2020 TX UIL Reclassification and Realignment

LOTS in here.
Of note:
You could have a state championship between Houston area schools right next to each other or Austin area schools right next to each other.

Some of these West Texas schools have a long drive.
In some case 150 + miles.


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Wow, the broke up the Cyfair schools.

In another 2 years they will break up 6A into 2 parts as well. Way too many state champions IMO. Teams with losing records making the playoffs…


Like the 0-10 Scarborough team a few years ago that made the playoffs.

6A district 19 is comprised of 7 Katy high schools. The new Katy high school, Paetow, opens this fall and will be in 5A Div 2 District 10. With all of the building out this way, I doubt it will be too long before Paetow is also in 6A. I also expect another HS to be added relatively soon.

When I moved to Katy in 1989, there were only three 5A schools Katy, Taylor, and Mayde Creek. The growth has been phenomenal.

Yep, and there’s more housing going up. Katy and Fort Bend’s growth over the past 20 years has been incredible. I believe it’s still the 2nd fastest growing county in the United States.