2018 AAC Baseball Tourney - Game 2 - Houston vs. UCF: Wednesday at 8 am (W 6-2)

Due to the schedule changes, the Coogs will be fighting for their tourney life at 8 AM tomorrow against UCF. UCF didn’t use their ace today so they’ll have him ready to go tomorrow and the Coogs will probably have to go with Cumbie.

Since the game will be at a different ballpark, I’m not sure that there will be video. More to come once details are given out.

There are a lot of moving parts with the schedule changes so I wouldn’t take this as gospel, but the commentators did say the games at the other park would not be streaming tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the video stream (if they do have it):

Facebook page:

Radio broadcast:

Live Stats page:

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yea there is video!!! Thanks pray!


Glad the commentators yesterday were wrong. Nice of the AAC media to set up at the other park on short notice.

Great view! Guess it’s better than nothing

Top 1st

Coogs down in order

M1…No Score

Does the cameraman know there’s a fence in the way? May have to switch to Jeremy on radio.

Branham’s saying that these fields weren’t supposed to be used for games; basically just spring training practice fields. No real press box and they weren’t expecting cameras to be used there.

Bottom 1st

Cumbie gives up a 2 out walk, but nothing else

T2…No Score

Tournament bracket with updated dates/times if you’re wondering:


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This is like the US Open we have to win our way back to center court.

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We already had tickets but no one had to pay today for either ticket or parking


Top 2nd

Leadoff walk by Lockhart, but he’s erased on a double play

M2…No Score

Bottom 2nd

1 out single, stolen base, and a 2 out walk put runners at 1st/2nd. Cumbie gets a flyout to left to end the inning

T3…No Score

Sounds like the umps are unsure of what the ground rules should be. Apparently, there’s a large area in left that is considered out of play, but the fielders can run into it.

thanks for posting the live stream, I’ve seen Little League fields with better views on their live stream camera - THAT CHAIN LINK IS TERRIBLE


Top 3rd

Kyle Lovelace (man he’s been hitting well) singles with 2 outs. Boom!!! Bielo homers for the 2nd day in a row…Coogs lead 2-0

M3…UH leads 2-0