2018, Perfect Storm

Disregarding the obvious controversy of our recent OC hire, we have obviously upgraded on our offense. We have lost some on offense, we have some great talent returning on offense, and we have some potential for some players who are coming in. We’ve upgraded our OL coach which will also be tied to our running game as well. The three top areas that we have been concerned about just got better. Obviously we have to wait for the results but I think the overall feeling is good or definitely the concern level has definitely dropped.

We also have potential for the defense to improve. Even if the defense didn’t improve and they stayed more or less stable, they defense did a good job/serviceable job as Manster54 has repeatedly proven. However, we are picking up some help at the line for Ed and some help in the secondary. Lastly we may get some help at linebacker too, but if not we had some young guys that showed some great potential at the end of the year. Lastly, with improvements on offense we should give our defense a little more time to rest as often I think our defense faded because of TOP not necessarily conditioning.

All this is subjective until we hit the field, but next year could be a perfect storm. We could have a year like UCF but better in our margin of victory. Could be something special.


Would love to see it happen. Strong reasons for such optimism.


agree Shawn! I think next year is going to be a big year for us…


It’s gonna come down to QB play. Will King step up this year?, Will Smith take the reigns? Will Allen stick around and shine? With good QB play we have a chance to be (self proclaimed) national champs next year. With average QB play, I see us maybe winnin the conference and finishing ranked.


BK ( Before Kendal ) 2018 was looking like a 9 win season, NOW…??? CMA is betting his HC tenure at UH on it

King throws a beautiful ball. Going into Fresno game he had 6 TD against 1 INT.
The Briles O will really give him an opportunity to shine. Very excited what he can do with the keys to the new corvette.

You could possibly add Tune to that mix as well. With a new system and OC, I haven’t a clue about who will be our QB next season. I would assume, and hope, everyone starts on even footing and the best candidate emerges by the 2nd or 3rd week of fall camp. I have an appreciation for what King did with his limited action; but Allen may fit the new system better than he did the last. I haven’t a clue about Smith or Tune (who is not signed, just project to be a Coog), but I am not eliminating anyone from contention after a fair shot. My only hope is that we do settle on the guy that will actually be the best one for our team.


Completely agree. The one thing is we haven’t heard officially that Allen was leaving. If he is staying then Tune may or may not be coming. It is possible that Allen has a resurgence and King goes back to a position player. So many possibilities it will be interesting to see. But I agree we need everyone to be evaluated from ground zero.

King seems like a prototype Briles slot receiver.

Completely agree. I’m sure King wants to play QB but it may work in his favor to go to the slot if he wants a shot at the next level.

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Just my opinion, and you are free to disagree, but I believe we are two years away from enjoying the full impact of the Briles/Clements regime. It doesn’t mean we won’t have a good team in 2018 with the current roster because I expect we’ll be more improved. My opinion is based on the premise that both coaches probably don’t have the players they would like to have on the current roster, but within two or three years of recruiting their type of players, the results could be colossal.

Expect bigger, faster more talented OL/DLmen to seriously consider UH. The skilled positions are a no brainer as 4star WRs, RBs and QBs sign to play here. Also, even if one or both were to leave in three years, we’ll have a roster of talented players for the next four years thereafter. That adds up to the next six (6) or seven (7) years of football success and a stadium full of happy Cougar fans. My expectations are so pollyanna, that the question I have is how many NY6 bowl games do we attend within the next six (6) or seven (7) years…2, 3, more? Of course, NY6 bowl games implies multiple conference championships.

I think that is fair. I guess I am optimistic because of the type of players that we just recruited and signed. They seem to fit the system. However, even if we don’t have the personnel I do think from a coaching standpoint we have upgraded. As someone pointed out on another thread FAU went from 3 wins to winning the conference with 11 wins. That is quite an improvement and I think we are in a better position than FAU was pre KB.

I’m hopeful but my reservation deals with IMO the failure of our younger receivers. Not only did receiver blocking take a huge step back, I didn’t see a breakout young receiver who showed they wanted to step up.

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I agree with that. That’s why I am relying on our incoming recruits and hopefully Stevenson catching a break. Lark had flashes but not consistent. Corbin I think was a liability out there.

Good points, anyone expecting 13-0 and a Natty needs to switch to some decafe but I like your thought process:grinning: CMA still has ways to go to prove he’s that level of HC but he sure has hit it out the park with these hires it seems


Lol agree. I think you’re right about CMA. Having KB run the offense should now free up CMAs mind so he can make better analysis and adjustments as the game goes on. If not then we obviously have problems.