2019-20 Banner

It is obviously too bad that there was no Dance this year. I am disappointed that they at least could have voted and told everyone who would have been in and where they would have been headed. I wonder if there are any plans to hang a banner for this past season with perhaps our final rank and “NCAA Tournament Team”. Thoughts?

I think UH, Cincy and Tulsa will all hang AAC Regular Season Champs (or Co-Champs) banner. Without winning the AAC, I do not think you can put “NCAA Tournament Team” even if a spot was “guaranteed”. And I don’t want a banner that celebrates #20 in the AP poll or whatever it was.


I think National Champions is still up for grabs. Go big or go home


lol nice. :sunglasses:

Aggies probably already beat us to it.


Co-champs with UCF?

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