2019-2020 OOC Schedule

I’m curious to see who will play us next year in out of conference games. Last year, CKS said it was hard to get teams to schedule us. Now, since we reached the Sweet 16 will it be easier to get teams since we have more national recognition or will teams be even more fearful of scheduling us? Also, are any OOC already set?

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Hawaii tournament at Christmas…

Also return game at LSU…

Also, we’re supposed to take one of those overseas trips this summer. I know they are exhibition games but still. Last time was to China, I’d assume it is somewhere else this year.

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Doubt that as I believe we are done with LSU. Might be wrong.

Return game at Oregon.

OSU and BYU here. Maybe play at Utah State.

Rumor about a matchup with a “big” ACC team. My guess, Virginia.


We are done with LSU, played in BR in 2017. We should have a return game against Oregon in Eugene, a return games at FC against Oklahoma State and BYU. Not sure of the status of games against Rice, St. Louis, and Utah State. Those may have been “buy” games, not requiring reciprocation.

We played at St Louis the year before.

Providence may owe us a game as we played there the year before.

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Hawaii Diamond Head Classic is Ball State, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Portland, UTEP and Washington. No bracket available yet, I think it is double elimination.

CKS has stated for premiere opponents he doesn’t like neutral site and he wants home and home one year and next. He loves the FC and wants good teams to come there which is a good take we have a big time facility and our fans do a great job in big games.

He has also mentioned liking established non-conf rivalries. I think the hope was LSU would become an every year deal but that has gone south.

The home and home requirement eliminates the bluest bloods, Ken Duke UNC Kan, those guys are either beating up on Jimmy John state at home or big time opponent neutral site.


I know this has no chance of happening but Id love to see a home and home nonference matchup within the same season against Texas Tech or even UT, baylor etc…

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Did the LSU deal go south because of the administration, or because of Will Wade? If the latter, that obstacle may be gone soon.

The at LSU game happened two years ago.

Why should we “HELP” ut ?:sunglasses:


Not double elimination, 3 games guaranteed with the winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket. Usually set it up for bigger name schools meet in the finals so first game will probably be Portland/UTEP/Hawaii. Playing Washington would be great

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