2019 cougar football

Certainly gives us stuff to talk about!


All the wrong stuff. Holgorsen is a joke, and a bad one at that.

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As someone who loves the roster management, personel, etc side of things. It’s going to be really interesting.

Obviously…I understand we may not make a bowl and why a good % of fans are raging over recent events.

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At the very least it gives us some type of bridge at the QB position until 2021. I don’t think King will change his mind and transfer; dude is too loyal.


Does anyone know how many hours King has left to graduate?
He has not been the same quarterback at the beginning of this year as he was at the beginning of last year. Remember, he coming off a major injury and learning his third straight year.
Don’t know why his dad would tell the world he is transferring and then DK later saying he wasn’t.
Regardless, he will not play at UH this season, and maybe never again.
I remember when this board lit up, blew up when senior to be running back Charles Sims left UH for, of all places, West Virginia. Well, welcome to modern day athletics. If you think many of these kids are loyal to dear ol’ University, I think you need to put the bottle down.
I think after the Tulane game we all took a step back and looked at this as a rebuilding year, with faint hopes we could turn it around and win out.
Well, that isn’t going to happen. It is definitely a rebuilding year and now we will at least get a chance to see our young quarterbacks and see what they can do with a decent tutor behind the wheel.
I was not a big fan of hiring DH, but I am certainly going to back him and the Coogs as long as he is here…and I hope it is a long time.
King was an injury away from getting us to where we are now, so we might as well move on.
On the bright side look how our running game has turned things around…this means someone must be blocking.
I say give DH a couple of years to bring in his guys and hope for the best this year…and possibly next year…
I think a lot of the older guys on this team became soft under Applewhite, and now DH is weeding them out…faster than I thought he would.
Not saying King is soft…I think he is a different case…His decision making in the new offense has been suspect at times, but that is to be expected. And obviously his deep passing has been off the first four games…
Whatever King decides to do, and I hope he stays, I will wish him well and remain a Coog…


2019, ugh according to Dana we are playing for 2020.

You’ll always come up with the most pessimistic takes @bigmccoog lol. King wants to stay don’t get that twisted, it’s the voices around him particular his dad that wanted him to transfer. Let’s give our QB, a current Coog the benefit of the doubt. My pessimistic takes are because things that have happen; yours are always the projecting type, Ms Cleo.

After you finish your elementary reading class, please go back and read what I said…I hope he stays and at least for today he says he is while his dad says he isn’t…
Unless you have some inside information please enlighten us on how you know for sure anyone is staying for sure…As for me, I will be rooting for our young quarterbacks and hoping for the best from now…
And oh yeah, hoping whiny fans will actually show up for the games…the 29k we announced for Prairie View may be the highlight of our season…but hey it gives some of us more leg room. Go Coogs…

Oh and by the way, you have permission not to read my posts…hopes this helps…

I think that there is a long time between now and next year, so regardless of how heartfelt any statements are made about staying or going, much can change over that time. I’ll be happy if King returns (frankly don’t care too much if the WR does or not) but I am just not going to depend on it. Again, it’s a long way from now and if his Dad/family wants him to transfer, they will have some influence. Once I get over this shocker, I intend to not worry about it again until after the season is over.

Guess it’s now on to a whole new set of expectations for this year. Going to be kind of weird, but we should get a pretty good gauge for whatever we have on the roster at QB and probably some other positions as well.

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Totally agree, Butch.