2019 schedule could be even stronger than we thought

So just looking at the final AP rankings for this past season and it looks like we could play 4 ranked teams. OU, WSU, UCF, and Cincy.

Stronger than 2016, I think. WSU loses Minschew so no telling how far down the rankings they start next year, but I think they should still be ranked. Cincy had a fairly young team this year so I think chances are good they start out ranked or close to it. UCF should start ranked for sure.

I’m especially worried about North Texas. They will be looking to make our game a signature win.


I agree, but what made 2016 so special was that OU and Louisville were both top 5 teams when we played and beat them. We were ranked #6 I believe at the peak of 2016 which was was also a result of winning the 2015 Peach Bowl.

We don’t have a Peach Bowl win, so even if OU is a top 5 team in pre-rankings, they will keep us at 10-15.

We don’t know if WSU will be as good as they were in 2018. They had several close games.

Hopefully UCF keeps their momentum

I think they are a few cycles in talent behind us but they do have some players now. If we didn’t have CDH I’d worry but I think we’ll come out of that game with a W.


With CMA, we were staring a 1-3 start dead in the face. Now, I don’t think it’ll be that bad. If we go 3-1 I will be ecstatic.


Having faced the OU offense( I’m assuming that’s were that L is coming from), I would think CDH would have our guys very educated on what they will try to do. The question is, will we have the horses on defense to keep up? We might not need to if we create our own energy on the road by destroying their QB. If anything, we should be able to shootout with them. That’s were the DC hire will be critical IMO; can we get the stops when it counts?

No Applewhite, no problem.

Ahem…4-0…(men’s warehouse slogan)!!

I agree, they (North Texas) have a strong team and had we not made the change I would have said that their coaching might have made up for a talent gap. I always point this game out when at the water cooler talking about the coaching change.

We have a lot of great OOC & IC games next year. Hopefully, the team comes together in the offseason and we get things going like MBK. They are on FIRE! I love it!

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They look dangerous. Do you think they are Elite 8 good?