2019 Texas state HS conference championships

Conference playoff brackets …


Conference finals … 12/18 - 12/21 … AT&T Stadium /Arlington


Reminder to all fans …

State finals championships begin Wednesday on Fox SW on 12/18 at 11AM or there abouts … with the six man division 1 … and continue on for all the HS conferences and divisions through Saturday evening at AT&T Stadium Arlington

Check if your cable provider carries Fox SW … and if possible post the channel on this site …

I have XFinity and it is on channel 637 …

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Two 6 man championships tomorrow at 11 AM and 2PM … McLean vs. Blum and

Motley County vs Richland Springs

Jack Pardee I recall began his HS football in 6 man back in the early fifties …

One 2A division 1 championship at 7PM … Post vs. Refugio

All on Fox SW …

Friday night at 7:00. Denton Ryan vs. Shadow Creek is going to be epic.

SC lost to HP last year and is loaded with ex-Cougar coaches.

Brad Butler - Head Coach
Tyrone Green - Assistant Head Coach/OL
Ray Garza - Defensive Coordinator/LB
Rene Glapion - Offensive Coordinator/WR
Al James - RB
Demetrius Woods - WR
Aundra Long - OL
Kevin Drones - DL
Matthew Bass - OLB
Ben Lane - NG
Will Gulley - DB


We’ve gotten one Shadow Creek kid last year Nunnery and we have offers out to several more Shadow Creek players. Im sure their coaching staff is talking up UH.

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Yepp … two undefeated 15 - 0 teams facing off … Denton Ryan and Shadow Creek

Tonight another two undefeated 15 - 0 teams facing off … Post (near Lubbock) and Refugio (between Victoria and Corpus Christi) … quite a drive for both small 2A HSs to meet in Jerry’s Palace …

I just watched a YouTube video about the most hated high school football coach in America. Pretty sure it was the HC of Refugio.

Yepp quite a character … he probably makes Lombardi look like a wimp … he is loved in Refugio but called Satan and Hitler outside of town

Interesting on the personal level he is a decent fellow … Sunday school teacher good father and town saint … however on the football field he is a demon-possessed HC and shows no mercy to opposing teams …

He will probably be worth the price of a ticket just to watch tonight

Good grief, he pulls his starters after the 3rd quarter, quite whining other coaches. I can’t find fault with that. Having grown up in South Texas I can remember when it was infrequent that a local team would make it past the Regional playoffs. Refugio was a powerhouse back then (ages ago). I’m glad to see teams from the lower part of Texas make it as far as the finals. Go Bobcats.

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Yep. Said he quit pulling them at halftime because in the playoffs his starters would run out of steam. I see nothing wrong with it.

Why are south Texas sports so bad? Lack of people? Less funds for investment in programs?

Craig Way … the UT homer announcer has really turned into Jabba the Hut … he has been eating too many Bevo burgers!!! … :joy:

Watched the Refugio/Post game and saw nothing controversial about Jason Herring the HC of Refugio …

He seemed normal on the sideline not ranting and yelling like a mad man reported by some articles.

I suspect the coaches and papers near him are just jealous of his state championships … now 5 in count and they continue to be chumpy and lose big time to him every year …

I do feel sorry for those parents and fans who have to drive 10 hours in freezing temps to get back to Post and Refugio and can’t afford to spend the night in the Metroplex … but that’s the greedy UiL and Jerry’s Palace for you … they received their $$$ so bye bye to the rest

Yes @PAWRFUL it is a “paid off” UIL… unbelievable that the State allows this? Any reasonable person would agree that the Championships should rotate between Houston, DFW, and San Antonio/Austin. But UIL complains that NRG charges too much to play there and Jerry Jones basically let’s them play in Arlington for free… It’s a total disadvantage for Houston-area teams or any teams south of Houston.

And to answer a question about why South Texas teams don’t do as well… it’s all about the money and the enrollment… just look at the schools that make it to State every year… you can almost predict which ones will be there.

CONGRATS to Shadow Creek!! They held off Denton Ryan 28-22.

Denton Ryan used trickery all night long to stay in the game. Shadow Creek had 3 turnovers but did not surrender points.

Hopefully the first of 3 Houston area-championships this weekend!


I heard NRG wouldn’t host the title games and Jerry would host them all.

Someone at the UIL was demoted when they submitted the wrong dates that year and dallas booked the dates for something else. They want to be in Dallas and the management arm of NRG (SMG) overcharged the UIL and turned them off after that

Zach Evans rumored to be suspended (for the second time this season) and will not play for NS today. Guessing whoever signs him will have their hands full. Hate to see a kid with so much natural talent putting himself in the position to potentially throw so much away.

Word on the hs message boards from North Shore people has it that he wouldn’t put up his phone and got an attitude about it. It got so bad that the head coach had to intervene and send him home.

Aledo’s offense is too much for Fort Bend Marshall. FB has not been able to stop them all day.