2020 offers

Doesn’t have an offer yet, but coaches were watching Combo Guard Justin Wright from Farmville, NC. Has offers from ECU, Rice, Old Dominion, and High Point


Sure would be nice to get Jonathan Aku. He would make an impact from day 1 and play significant minutes.

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LJ Cryer is the best Houston basketball prospect since De’Aaron Fox… I love we get the Sunday visit. We saw what happened to LJ Rose when he decided on Baylor, he regret it.


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Everything I keep hearing is that Purdue is our main competition because of the success they had with Carsen Edwards from Atascosita, ex HS teammate of Fabian White…

I know UH just got a crystal ball prediction for Jamal Shead (top 150, pg) Makes me curious who is UH’s numba #1 priority between LJ Cryer-n-Reece Beekman… Looks like LJ is getting the full court press from the whole staff… (Sidenote) I know his parents really like UH, but at the end of the day, will LJ decide to take its talents to the Big Ten or the up-and-coming AAC.

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Not sure how much UH coaching staff is allowed to use this stuff, but if so, then I would be telling recruits that Harden and Paul and other Rockets come over to the school and play ball with the team etc. Also, UH has 2 of the greatest of all time on campus quite often in Hayes and Olajuwon. If I was a Houston kid, I would be seriously looking at UH.

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Also, CKS can at least get them a training camp tryout with the Rockets and he is really close with the team owner who loves the Coogs. Coach Sampson can also get them in a Summer League team, and not just the Rockets but because he has those NBA connections of his time there as an assistant coach. He can get your foot inside the door.


when its all said and done lsu will be the main competitor, looks like the scandal will be yesterdays news soon enough

lsu was always the favorite till the scandal…he isnt going to purdue…his favorite player is carson edwards, so alot of people think he’ll go there. i dont think he’ll pick a school on a favorite player notion

also lj cryer and micah peevy have been prioirty #1 for over a year (arguably hayden hefner aswell)…reece has been in that next group with like 7 other point guards not sure why youve singled out reece

reece, shead, mike miles, chanse robinson, jalen cook (who is also a 4star WR), justin wright, and Isaiah LeBlanc are the next priority (who are all about 6’1-ish point guards…looks like point is a priority) most of them have atleast taken an unofficial

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Reece is in the come up… Btw, you were the same guy who said Sasser was going to Smu because his uncle attended there lol.

lol 3 weeks before he committed i said he was almost certainly committing to UH… 4 months before he committed i said SMU had the lead…you can tell by the social media and what they are liking…

people can change their mind lol

Lol… Anywho…
I feel good about a class led by LJ Cryer & Peavy… I don’t know how realistic is Peavy, tho… We also need a true BIG as well. Chris Harris graduates in 2020. I think coach will have around 3 to 4 ships open for next year.

and reece is on the come up, so is most of the list i mentioned…

shead plays in the best AAU team in dallas with a bunch of top 30 players theyve only played 1 games so far and he’s been getting major praise …saying he might be the best defender in the natiom…
he is a streaky shooter, but if he gets hot during reevaluting period, he could end up a top 80

the nike session doesnt start for a month but wright is expected to be the lead ball handler in the best aau team in NC

reece, chanse and cook are the unanimous top 3 players in Louisiana all doing 25+ a game…miles did like 25 a game in the texas state championship

sampson made a comment that the way “lil ole houston” gets the top guys is to identify and recruit them before they big players get involved like we did with hinton…and alot of the guys we are after are going to blowup over the next 3 months when aau starts

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Jalen cook 3/4 star point guard…who is also a 4star WR (has elite level offers in both sports)
was recently named Louisiana’s Mr Basketball and Louisiana’s Gatorade player of the year in the last 2 weeks

did 30pts a game and lead his high school team to a state title game…

he thinks he will only do 1 sports even though numerous schools have offered him the ability to do both (not us though). hasnt decided which sport yet. but says if it’s basketball we are top 3 for him (along with LSU and Georgetown)


Has Tramon Mark been mentioned in this thread because he just committed…he might be the best one of the bunch and fits into our style of play nicely…

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i believe he was but not in this specific thread…

and i love our commits as well, but there are 2 top 60 recruits we are top 3 for, “best of the bunch” is a bit early to claim

Best one of the bunch ???

LJ Cryer top 50 recruit
Reece Beekman top 50 recruit 3 third team USA Today nationally…

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