2020 PG Ryan Elvin, New PWO Commit

6’1 pg Ryan Elvin




top end shooter


Kid can shoot. Has a shot to be better than sunshine :sun_with_face:

I like him. Give him a few years in our program and just maybe…

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The new Van Buckets …

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I think the young man can be a contributor to our team in a year or two, I expect him to redshirt this year. But he can shoot and after a couple of years of CKS and staff instruction, I think he just may be another WO in the mode of Wes Van Beck. His HS GPA was also very impressive and that will also help the team’s average.

I like walk ons and and am very happy to have young Mr. Elvin join our team.


When was the last time we got a POW for basketball :basketball:.


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Is that his middle school pic on that link? :joy::joy:

Yeah :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

That height & weight was funny as well.

I hope he earns a scholarship.

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Pistol Pete Maravich

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I like the way he keeps the ball low.

yeah, 5-0, 80lbs. Sounds like his 8th grade stats.

Probably 7th grade

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After watching his video. Too bad there isn’t a position as “designated free throw shooter”.

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Just wanted to include him even thought the focus was on our first 3.


If coach wants him, that’s a good thing! Welcome to the family Ryan!

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If he held a press conference for UH then he deserves our attention.